XSL-FO Page Layouts

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XF Designer 2012 is able to display any page layout that is in compliance with XSL-FO specifications.

Using the rules, the margins for the different areas of a page can be adjusted (body, header, footer, left, right).


In addition, other attributes like padding and number of columns can be modified using the Properties dialog bar.

The Properties dialog bar can be activated from the Properties group, under the View tab, or by using the ALT+Enter key combination.

Document Views

Any document has multiple views; for XSL-FO documents, the user can switch between:

XML Document (Text) View - allows direct XSL-FO editing

Design View - similar to an HTML editor, new objects can be inserted and their properties edited, without knowing XSL-FO syntax

Print Layout - previews the document


To switch between views using the keyboard, Ctrl + PageUp or Ctrl + PageDown must be pressed.


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