Print to a PCL Device

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First you will need to install a printer driver. Here is the guide for Windows Vista:


Double-click on Printers.
Right-click and choose Add Printer from context menu.
Choose Add a Local Printer, click Next and choose a manufacturer from the left list. For this example we will use HP.
From the right list (Printers), select a PCL driver. For this example we will use HP LaserJet 5200 Series PCL 5. Click Next.
Remove spaces from the printer name - i.e. the name should look like this: HPLaserJet5200SeriesPCL5.
Click Next, Next and Finish.


Now that we have a PCL printer driver, we can create a PCL file with Ultrascale. Using URender.NET, the command line is:



URender.NET.exe c:\temp\ -parameters:printername=HPLaserJet5200SeriesPCL5;outputprintfile=c:\temp\outputFile.pcl



In the same manner, if the printer exists and you want to print directly to it, use the following command line (notice that no output file is specified):



URender.NET.exe c:\temp\ -parameters:printername=HPLaserJet5200SeriesPCL5



If you want to print from the local network, using a shared printer, you can use the following command line (in our example, we'll use HPLasterJet5200SeriesPCL5 attached to computer srv01 ):



URender.NET.exe c:\temp\ -parameters:printername=\\srv01\HPLaserJet5200SeriesPCL5