The Techie Lou Story

Meet Techie Lou – Ecrion’s big sister, otherwise known as his “second brain.”  She might know more about him than anyone could want. But that’s why they’re friends.

Lou had shown interest in gadgets before she could speak (she jail-broke her mother’s smartphone at age three), and so her parents nicknamed her “Techie”. When she was old enough to begin school, they sent her to a technical academy for gifted youth, concealed in a distant forest, where she learned the virtues of self-care and courtesy (and mixed martial arts), alongside various computer languages.

She also befriended a two-hundred-and-fifty-seven year-old Master Lee (the academy’s reclusive, cloaked sensei), and under his firm tutelage, her wits grew sharper than a double-edged katana. Techie Lou’s physical fitness peaked, her coding was bug-free, and her moral integrity developed beyond normal terrestrial capacity – essentially, she became her own superhero.

This was not without much sweeping, mopping, side-kicking, and punching bag exercise – or many hours developing code in the first chamber of the academy’s “computer lab” which was nothing but a sheet of tree bark and a quill pen (Master Lee’s aim was to build character, and build a character he did)!

Techie Lou made her way through a gauntlet of challenges – various chambers of increasing difficulty and technicality, each lesson in a separate dojo, with a more complicated machine: scratch paper, desktop, handheld...she mastered every platform while fending off her sparring enemies, as many as ten at a time!

The academy gave her many medals. But only upon graduating did she receive her very own laptop computer. That’s when she became free, her training complete. A karate-computer guru.

Often armed with some gadget or other (as she likes to put it, “not the deadly kind, but the teaching kind”), Techie Lou is prepared for the elements, and ready to take her skills to the streets. She’s already encountered many foes: everything from rogue machines to vampires…and some dragons (which she never mentions, because “they’re too cliché”).

She thinks it ironic that her greatest feat of courage involved saving her brother’s life; because she can’t remember ever feeling more afraid.

The events leading up to the print room fire could have ended in deep regret. Techie Lou and Eric were performing routine maintenance procedures on their printers. Being a somewhat nosy big sister, Techie Lou kept hovering over Eric’s shoulder to make sure he was doing everything correctly.

This always got to him. But to settle the score, all he had to do was reference his slightly higher grade school GPA.

So they fought some more. They called each other ugly. Fists flew.

They were too occupied to notice the stacks of paper igniting around them, a row of printers catching fire…and then everything burst into flames.

When she finally found Eric in the rubble, Techie Lou, for the first time, experienced helplessness.

It was a mindless time, and she had not a clue as to what could have caused the fire – that is, except for some traces of a translucent film scattered about, like a snake had shed its skin everywhere...

But this was no time to play detective. She set out to revive her brother, wondering if her training would be enough to get her through.

All of her healing power – everything she had acquired through deep meditation in the quiet caves beyond the trees – she focused on patching up her brother.

She did everything in her power to cover the burns, preserve the organs, and stitch the limbs; but when the dust settled, only a fraction of Eric remained.

Thankfully, he regained consciousness. And while his physical condition upset him deeply, it would not shake his optimism. He assured Techie Lou that things would get better, and she determined to make it so.

Techie Lou scanned the wreckage, found the critical parts, and with her unique set of tools, transformed Eric into a machine. Eric wanted a cool robot name.

Ecrion. There it was.

Together, they saw the future and vowed never to be at odds again.

Today, with all of her gadgets, she can see the entire universe, meet people, even impress them with her long-practiced techniques. She hopes to one day open more dojos, so that everyone can know the value of serving others!

At Ecrion’s side, the potential is limitless. All she has to do is make friends and fight bad guys – something she’s been training for all her life.