Customer Communications Management

Powered by its own technology, the Ecrion Platform provides complete customer communications capabilities for many influential companies around the globe. The following document production scenarios are supported:

On-Demand Document Production x x x x
Batch Document Production   x x x
Interactive Document Production     x x

On-Demand Document Production happens whenever there is a need to generate documents in real-time. Typical example: a customer visits your website and clicks a button to generate a price quote.

Batch Document Production is probably the most important document production scenario. Most enterprises perform batch production when multiple invoices and statements are generated at the end of the day or in one or more billing cycles.

Interactive Document Production is needed whenever an user must generate a document by filling out a form. An insurance agent that creates an insurance policy for a customer is a typical use case.

Customer Centric Document Production

In EOS-CCM and up, the needs of your business are matched with the needs of your customers. The entire document production process starts revolving around your customers. You can see what was sent out to a customer and when. You can also see how your customers submitted information back into your business.

Most organizations already have a CRM system to manage the relationship with their customers; EOS integrates out of the box with both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and can integrate with many others.

Delivering a Better Customer Experience  

Customer preferences play a big role in selecting the appropriate communication method when engaging with a customers. EOS supports even the most advanced multi-channel strategies that today's businesses require, with the ability to track how customers read their correspondence. Bounce backs and undeliverable messages can also be handled. EOS supports the following channels:

Distribution Channels EOS-P EOS-DA EOS-CCM EOS-CEM
Email   o x x
Direct Printing   o x x
FAX   o x x
SMS   o x x
Google Cloud Messaging   o x x
Apple Push Notifications   o x x
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc)   o x x
CMS (Sharepoint, WebDav, etc.)   o x x