engage customers at every step of the customer journey

What if it was possible to understand exactly what made a customer buy? To pinpoint the exact number and type of touchpoints or transactions that it takes not just to engage existing customers, but to convert a prospect to a customer?

Ecrion’s Customer Engagement Module (EOS-CEM) includes all the tools you need to engage and delight your customers and prospects. Reward loyal customers, map your ideal customer journey, and engage customers and prospects with omni-channel document creation and delivery! And with built in analytics along the customer journey, easily measure impact and return on investment (ROI).

Key Features of EOS-CEM

The EOS-CEM solution includes all EOS-PEOS-DA, and EOS-CCM features plus:

  • Customer Engagement Management (CEM) Platform
  • Map your ideal Customer Journey and track prospects/customers as they move through the process with end-to-end analytics
  • Personalize ads and track the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Analyze and manage end-customer engagement across all communications and channels
  • Leverage Interactive Documents to empower swift customer decision making
  • Reward customer loyalty by measuring interaction

The Customer Journey

The EOS-CEM platform enables you to deliver next-generation electronic communications and engage with customers along every step of their journey. Design and build multiple customer journey paths with ease, view end-to-end analytics, and deliver beautiful, multi-channel documents to your customers with a few clicks.

Meaningful Interactions

Ecrion’s Customer Engagement Module can help you move beyond simply communicating to your customers and help you to engage with your customers in new and unexpected ways.

At every stage of the customer journey are multiple opportunities to engage in conversations and connect with your customers.

The outcome will be more loyal customers who are passionate, informed and engaged.



Automate enrollment and reduce costs.


Welcome and delight new customers.



Huge volumes, omni-channel delivery, and personalized.

Correspondence and Letters

Personalized, interactive, and ad-hoc. Contracts and Legal Automate document assembly and delivery.


Marketing and Promotions

Reward customers, build loyalty, and generate revenue.


Give a voice to your customers and engage in 2-way communication.

Dashboards and Analytics

Empower customers to drill down and answer their own questions.



Empower your best customers to carry out your message.

Loyalty Programs

Create lifelong customers.

Get an inside look at EOS-CEM

EOS-CEM is available both on premise and in the cloud.
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One Platform. Unlimited Opportunities.


Produce documents in high volume from any data


Automate document
production and assembly


Customer-centric document
production and distribution


Increase ROI through
customer engagement