customer engagement management (eos-cem)

Are you looking for a Customer Engagement Management platform? Do you want to build brand advocates while increasing revenue? Is your organization struggling to remain competitive in an increasingly competitive global market? Are you struggling to measure customer engagement and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns?

Welcome to the EOS Customer Engagement Management (EOS-CEM) solution. EOS-CEM delivers next generation electronic communications and engages customers along every step of the customer journey with interactive content. However that is just the beginning. With EOS-CEM your organization will be able to track customer interactions, measure the engagement level, and use this powerful data to perfect marketing and engagement campaigns across all channels.

Get started today and start engaging with every customer along the entirety of the customer journey with EOS-CEM!

Key Features (EOS-CEM)

The EOS-CEM solution includes all EOS-PEOS-DA and EOS-CCM features plus:

  • Groundbreaking Customer Engagement Management Platform
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Digital Experience Documents
  • Top performance to produce millions of documents/day
  • HA2 (High Availability Level 2) includes the ability to process more documents in parallel

One Platform. Unlimited Opportunities.

The EOS platform provides multiple solutions to suit a wide range of enterprise needs.


Produce high volume documents from any data source.


Document automation and assembly for more complex needs.


Customer-centric document production and distribution for multiple scenarios.


Next-gen digital experience content and engagement solution.

Discover More about EOS-CEM

The EOS-CEM platform delivers next generation electronic communications and engages customers along every step of the customer journey with interactive content, customer analytics, marketing campaigns, engagement campaigns, and much more.

  • Discover more about the customer journey and the importance of engaging customers at every touchpoint.
  • Click below to see a more detailed EOS Feature Comparison to decide what fits your organization’s needs best.
  • Learn more about how EOS-CEM allows you to engage with every customer.

Design Studio

Just like the EOS platform, the Design Studio functionality grows to match your organizations needs and requirements. Now and in the future.

Discover more about how you can use EOS-CEM and the full suite of Design Studio tools to create the next generation of interactive documents.

Success Stories and Case Studies

First of all, you guys have provided an EXCELLENT example of customer service. I’m very impressed with your feedback and your willingness to develop a solution that will meet our needs, even before any purchase of your product. Thank you very much for your effort!
— Jayson Vincent - Accident Fund
Like a master carpenter, a software developer also has his/her “toolbox” that they bring along with them, products which have been used in the past that are excellent in quality and are exceptional in performance. They become the indispensable tools-of-the-trade and once found are kept close at hand at all times. Your product is one of those indispensable tools.
— Jeff Tallent - Summit County Ohio

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