high-volume document automation and assembly (eos-da)

Are you looking for a platform that will allow you to collaborate and manage the document creation and production process in a central location? Do you need better control over your document production system?  Are you struggling with inconsistency, unenforceable policies, and expenses from manual steps in the production processes?  Are your documents inflexible and your composition processes filled with delays and barriers to design consistency?

Welcome to EOS Document Automation and Assembly (EOS-DA), a powerful solution for handling even the most complex document production needs. EOS-DA can handle all high-volume production, document assembly and automation processes that today's leading enterprises require.

Key Features (EOS-DA)

The EOS-DA layer includes all EOS-P features plus:

  • Document automation and assembly workflows
  • Repository for asset management and versioning
  • Access rights
  • Digital signatures
  • Print stream management (AFP, Postscript, PDF)
  • Increased performance

One Platform. Unlimited Opportunities.

The EOS platform provides multiple solutions to suit a wide range of enterprise needs.


Produce high volume documents from any data source.


Document automation and assembly for more complex needs.


Customer-centric document production and distribution for multiple scenarios.


Next-gen digital experience content and engagement solution.

Discover More about EOS-DA

EOS-DA offers complete functionality for generating and distributing customer communications in a completely automated manner.

  • Discover more about Document Automation and Assembly.
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  • Learn more about how EOS-DA provides outstanding document automation and assembly capabilities.

Design Studio

Just like the EOS platform, the Design Studio functionality grows to match your organizations needs and requirements. Now and in the future.

Discover more about how you can use the Design Studio Data Modeler to create complex workflows in EOS-DA.

Success Stories and Case Studies

First of all, you guys have provided an EXCELLENT example of customer service. I’m very impressed with your feedback and your willingness to develop a solution that will meet our needs, even before any purchase of your product. Thank you very much for your effort!
— Jayson Vincent - Accident Fund
Like a master carpenter, a software developer also has his/her “toolbox” that they bring along with them, products which have been used in the past that are excellent in quality and are exceptional in performance. They become the indispensable tools-of-the-trade and once found are kept close at hand at all times. Your product is one of those indispensable tools.
— Jeff Tallent - Summit County Ohio

Are you ready to try the powerful EOS High-Volume Document Automation and Assembly solution (EOS-DA)?

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