EOS Capabilities for
High Volume Document Production

All EOS solutions can produce dynamic documents in real-time from a variety of data sources. By default, XML and JSON are natively supported in EOS-P, with the option to add SQL, CSV, Web Services using the Data Aggregation Server (DAS) add-on.

XML x x x x
JSON x x x x
SQL o x x x
CSV o x x x
Web Services o x x x
CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)     x x

Documents can be produced in very high volumes starting with a rate of 10 pages/second for EOS-P and up to 100 million documents/day for EOS-CEM. The following table summarizes the output formats as supported throughout the entire platform.

Output Document Format EOS-P EOS-DA EOS-CCM EOS-CEM
PDF x x x x
PDF/X x x x x
PDF/A x x x x
PDF/508 x x x x
PNG x x x x
JPEG x x x x
GIF x x x x
TIFF x x x x
Word 2003 x x x x
Word 2007 x x x x
PowerPoint 2007 x x x x
Excel 2007 o x x x
Text x x x x
e-Book x x x x
SVG   x x x
XSL-FO   x x x
HTML4   x x x
HTML5 (Responsive)     x x
HTML5 (Digital Experience Documents)     o x