Empowering visionary enterprises to connect with their customers.

Customer Engagement Management (CEM) is a comprehensive set of strategies and software solutions designed to engage customers throughout the entire customer communication cycle.

Influencing the Customer Journey

Today's customers are self-empowered, extremely busy and demand more from businesses. Leading organizations around the globe are adopting Customer Engagement Management (CEM) as the preferred strategy to engage with their customers and examine in greater detail how customers interact with their businesses.

EOS-CEM is the next-generation Customer Engagement Management solution. EOS-CEM provides the foundation on which enterprises can build and improve their customer engagement strategy, and guide customers through the customer journey from prospect to advocate.

This strategic focus to engage your customers throughout their journey in a personalized and meaningful way promotes loyalty, increases retention and encourages advocacy.

Customer engagement solution

Multiple Touchpoints

Enterprises engage with their customers at different stages in the customer journey through multiple touchpoints. With every touchpoint, EOS-CEM supports your engagement goals, both outbound through personalized documents and communications, and inbound through forms and interactive documents.

Effective communication campaigns require a personalized and meaningful dialog with the customer. EOS-CEM leverages every touchpoint along the customer journey to enable meaningful dialog, and provides customers with personalized information along the way.

Engaging with your customers consistently in a personalized fashion will set the stage for long-term, profitable relationships.

Customer engagement and retention

360 View of the Customer

The EOS-CEM solution brings together the customer's profile information with their preferences, interactions and transactions to build a full 360 view.

This data-driven approach empowers your team to coordinate communications with customers by defining business rules that apply to each customer.

Engaging customers with EOS

Customer engagement analysis

Measuring Engagement

EOS includes powerful analytics to determine the engagement rate with every touchpoint.

Ecrion Omni System is the only CEM solution that offers analytics that are powerful enough to guide clients through the entire customer journey experience. The solution makes it easy to understand where a customer is in their journey and identify loyalists and brand advocates. EOS enables your specialists to explore aggregated enterprise data for patterns and useful divisions and to filter and isolate customers into specific clusters that are receptive to a targeted message.

Meaningful Interactions

Ecrion Omni System offers virtually unlimited ways to interact with your clients and guide them through their journey. At every stage you have multiple opportunities to engage in conversations and connect with your customers. The outcome will be more loyal customers who are passionate, informed and engaged.



Automate enrollment and reduce costs.


The first chance to make an impression!



Huge volumes, omnichannel and personal.

Correspondence and Letters

Personalized, interactive and ad-hoc. Contracts and Legal Automate document assembly and delivery.


Marketing and Promotions

Reward, build loyalty and generate revenue.


Give a voice to your customers and engage in 2-way communication.

Dashboards and Analytics

Empower customers to drill down and answer their own questions.



Empower your best customers to carry out your message.

Loyalty Programs

Consistently privileged.

Ecrion Omni System provides many advanced features that are unique among CEM vendors. Request a demo to learn how we give our customers advanced capabilities while measuring engagement and tracking interactions.