One Platform. Unlimited Opportunities.

The EOS platform provides multiple solutions to suit a wide range of enterprise needs.


Produce high volume documents from any data source.


Document automation and assembly for more complex needs.


Customer-centric document production and distribution for multiple scenarios.


Next-gen digital experience content and engagement solution.

Future Proof

The Ecrion Omni System platform will solve your document production challenges and help you stand out from the competition. Now and in the future.

With the EOS Platform you can be confident that your investment will set your organization up for short-term and long-term success. Whatever your immediate priority is, your organization can build on this, and move forward into higher value customer communication capabilities when the time is right.

Powerful Visual Design

The EOS Design Studio gives you the tools to create responsive templates, complex workflows and powerful interactive graphics based on business and customer analytics. Just like the EOS Platform, our Design Studio will support your organization's needs now and into the future. Explore the 4 EOS Platform solutions to learn more.

What you can do with EOS

Below are some examples of documents produced by the powerful EOS Platform.