High-Speed Document Generation

The XF Rendering Server is an innovative XML rendering engine that empowers organizations to produce communications of any kind with industry-leading speed and ease.

XF Rendering Server is a high-performance engine built for the demands of document production today. It can use data from any source to dynamically populate professional communications in any of 20+ output formats. With XF Rendering Server, organizations can dynamically produce statements, invoices, letters, reports, contracts, brochures, newsletters, proposals, quotes - any document or communication – at rates of up to 100 million pages per day!

Industry Leading Performance

  • Fastest XML Rendering Engine available today (up to 100 million pages per day on a single server)
  • Process data inputs in any format and produce documents in PDF, HTML5, AFP, Postscript, Word or 20 other output formats
  • Consistent look and feel across platforms (print, web, email, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Can intelligently incorporate barcodes, charts, graphs, multi-lingual support, and more
  • Multiple versions to accommodate any performance or functionality requirements
  • Based on non-proprietary, open-standards


Produce Communications of any Kind

XF Rendering Server makes it easy to produce the professional documents your organization demands. Whether they are internal or external, print or digital, interactive or static, XF Rendering Server can generate any communication that business requires with speed and ease. Here are a few sample outputs generated by the XF Rendering Server:


high_volume finance1





High Volume Document Production


Consolidating and Integrating


Business User Friendly


Developer Friendly