Start by creating a layout template in Ecrion Design Studio. This WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) design suite provides an easy way to create page layouts that incorporate styles, dynamic fields and conditional sections in a familiar, Office-like environment.

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The SDK (Software Development Kit) provides an easy way to integrate with existing business processes. The server can be deployed on the network and can be accessed remotely by an unlimited number of clients.

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Merge multiple inputs into a single output, and overlay custom headers and footers with our Digital Assembly Line (DAL) add-on. Or, use the NetLink add-on to implement high availability scenarios, load balancing, and failover.

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Multichannel Output

Consistent, automated layout is mandatory for today’s corporate communication materials. In the recent years the need for cross-publishing support has increased significantly. XF is the world’s leading XML publishing engine with over 20 output formats including PDS, HTML, Word, PowerPoint, PostScript, TIFF and more. Compliance with accessible PDF (Section 508), PDF/X and PDF/A standards is also provided.

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Top Performance

Produce statements, invoices, letters, reports, contracts, brochures, newsletters, proposals, quotes – any document or communication – at rates of up to 100 million pages per day. All while maintaining a memory footprint of less! Check out our performance benchmarks to compare.

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Professional Publishing

Professional publishing features include support for complex page layout and pagination, complex color support (ICC, CMYK, spot), vector drawings, and complete typesetting control. In addition, XF can also intelligently incorporate barcodes, charts, maps, movies, and graphs, and has full Unicode support. Documents can contain text in any language including; Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Japanese.

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XF vs EOS?

XF is also part of our Ecrion Omni System platform. We recommend taking a look at our XF vs EOS comparison to help you decide which product is more suitable for your business and technical needs.

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