Ecrion Omni System (EOS) includes rich features that make it easy to produce and deliver personalized correspondence en masse and on the fly.

Get Personal

Treat every customer like the unique individual they are! Generate personalize customer correspondence in a 100% completely dynamic manner from data integration through distribution. Let EOS automatically populate documents for each unique customer and incorporate their individual preferences so they receive the correspondence they need in the format and manner they prefer.

Edit on-the-fly

When the need arises to create customized documents on-the-fly, rather than having to reproduce an entire document run, users can easily make ad-hoc edits to individual documents online and distribute via the desired format to customers quickly. Access control and protected fields provide security, as documents exist in a controlled environment.

Worry-free Inclusion

Whether it be regulation driven or simply a best practice, letters, quotes, and other types of correspondence often require accompanying documents. Don’t waste time and resources remembering what needs to be included and manually pairing items together. EOS automatically makes all appropriate supplemental documents available, so users can select the ones they want to be integrated into a single output with the click of a mouse.

Trigger Next Steps

Automatically set appropriate actions in motion without even having to think about it! EOS can easily be configured so that when certain correspondence is created or segments are edited, next steps are triggered without manual intervention. Review and approval processes can be initiated, new versions can be added to the repository, updated contact information can be fed into databases, and more – all in an automatic fashion.

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EOS (Ecrion Omni System) is the ideal platform for efficiently generating high-volume, innovative invoices and statements.
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