4 Simple Customer Communication Strategies

Customer Communication Strategies

About 82% 1 of consumers say that they’ve decided not to work with or buy a product from a company that they were previously enthusiastic about because of poor customer service.

No matter the size of your company or the industry that you work within, you know that frequent, straightforward communication with your customers is the most important part of customer service.

You need to be able to answer their questions, fix any issues, make product recommendations, and even make sure that you can reach them on their preferred device.

Best in class customer communication strategies can boost not just your brand’s reputation, but also your profits.

But how can the right CCM platform help you to connect with your consumers, and what are the key parts of effective customer communication?

In this post, we’ll tell you how you can improve your customer communications strategy and increase your customer satisfaction in the process.

Focus on Omnichannel Engagement 

Customer communication strategies start with a focus on omnichannel engagement.

By the year 2021, the average North American consumer will own about 13 different devices 2 that connect to the Internet.

Think about how many different kinds of networked devices you already own. You connect to the Internet on your smartphone, on your desktop computer at work or at home, on a tablet, on your laptop, and maybe even through your television.

No matter where you are, having lots of different devices to choose from makes it easy for you to get the information you want anywhere, at any time. And you want to be able to pick up right where you left off the last time you visited a website, started writing a document, or began filling out a form.

Omnichannel engagement lets you — and your customers — do exactly that.

This means that you provide customers with cohesive multi-channel marketing, customer service, and shopping experiences, no matter how many different devices they use to connect with your business.

The right CCM platform also allows for both traditional and modern omnichannel communication with your customers. For example, some clients may prefer email, PDF files, and printed documents, while others want to fill out forms on their smartphone.

You need to be able to provide several different methods of communication, based on customer preferences, simultaneously.

Personalize Customer Communications 

If enhancing the client experience is your goal, then you need to think about how you can personalize as many parts of the customer journey as possible.

Only about 22% 3 of consumers today feel that they get a personalized experience when they work with or make a purchase from a company.

However, the same study referenced above found that nearly 50% of all consumers say that they’re willing to wait to hear back from a company if it means they’ll get some kind of personalized communication or product suggestion.


Customers today don’t just want, but outright expect, personalized communication and attention.

Today’s consumer wants to feel noticed and valued, and generic communications and form emails that you send out to all of your clients en mss simply aren’t going to cut it.

Instead, focus on providing a personalized experience to increase revenue and engagement — and to turn one-time customers into long-term clients.

Whether you’re sending an invoice, a marketing email, or even setting up a self-service portal, look for CCM platform that puts personalization at the forefront of customer communication.

This means ensuring that you send your customers documents in their preferred language, the format that makes the most sense to them, and that they receive correspondence on their preferred communication channel (for example, through a text message or an email.)

You should also look back at past transactional data to inform the way they communicate with your customers and the kinds of offers you make to them. Make your communications interactive, not static, and allow your customers to set their person preferences.

When you treat your customer as an individual, not as part of a larger segmented group, you’ll reduce your call center load, boost your customer satisfaction and engagement, and gain loyal long-term clients.

Map the Customer Journey

It’s 10:00 AM — do you know where your customers are?

If your customer communications strategy doesn’t include some form of journey mapping, then the answer is likely no.

Use your CCM platform to help you understand the ways in which your customers interact with your company in real time. Journey mapping also makes it much easier for you to understand how may touchpoints you need to turn a lead into a sale.

You can even create sample customer journeys based on past client data, and then continue to tweak the way you engage with customers to speed up the buying cycle.

For example, you’ll learn where the roadblocks are in your current customer journey, and understand where you can implement automation or even use interactive documents to help you fix things.

You can also decide exactly when you’ll directly interact with your customers and leads. For example, you can send out automatic correspondence after a specific event, or reach out when a customer gets to a specific phase of their buying journey.

Use this information to streamline communications between different teams in your office, so that everyone’s lives — not just those of your customers — are made a bit easier.

Enjoy Implement Agile Customer Communication Strategies with the Right CCM Platform 

As you’ve learned from this post, improved customer communications happen when you focus on personalization, monitoring the customer journey, and omnichannel engagement.

Finding the right CCM platform makes all of this much easier.

It also allows for effective document automation, helps you to create the perfect templates, allows you to convert file formats, and much more.

Ultimately, the right CCM platform makes every part of the buying cycle and customer journey intuitive, simple, and efficient.

Ecrion solutions make all that and more possible.

Get in touch with us to request a demo of our software, and learn more about how you can make every customer count.

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