8 Tips For Choosing and Using the Best Business Document Creator

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1. High-Quality Templates | 2. Centralized Asset Management | 3. Easy to Use Platform | 4. Automated Document Assembly |
5. Customer Self-Service | 6. The Ability to Customize | 7. Fillable Forms and PDFs | 8. Prioritize Support

Bruce Springsteen once said “Sustaining an audience is hard.” Likewise, maintaining your customer base can be a challenge. McKinsey & Company describe the three C’s of customer satisfaction. They include customer-journey consistency, emotional consistency, and communication consistency.

Studies show that document challenges account for a 21.3% loss in productivity. Organizations may see a revenue loss of $19,732 per year, per employee who handles information.

Using a document creator can help you achieve these 3 C’s. Document automation can increase productivity, streamline document composition processes, and reduce human error.

The company’s benefit relies on selecting effective document creator software. Keep reading to learn about key features to look for when making your choice.

Tips for Choosing the Best Document Creator

When searching for the best document creator, look for products with these features.

1. Look for High-Quality Templates

Utilizing the same templates throughout your organization increases customer satisfaction. If expectations are not met, discord may result. Customers expect to receive the same service throughout a company.

Thus, it’s important to choose a document creatorwith well designed, high-quality baseline forms and templates. It must also come with a best-in-class, easy-to-use visual design tool to modify document templates, or to create your own. This will allow consistent form development and promotes your company’s professionalism.

2. Make Sure the Product Includes Centralized Asset Management

All companies gain value by centralizing the control and management of assets. This ensures a consistent experience for customers across departments or locations. Yet, you must balance brand consistency with fitting into the local market.

For some industries, documents and templates contain links to precedented or regulatory information. In the legal sector, for example, documents need to contain current court precedents. Even in manufacturing, precedents such as VAT must remain up to date.

Ensure that the document creatorsoftware can create business-wide centralized control and streamline processes. It must also be flexible to meet the needs of various parts of the organization. Last, make sure that it can seamlessly update documents with current precedents or regulations.

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3. Ensure That the Platform Is Easy to Use

To gain organization-wide buy-in, the platform must be intuitive and easy to use. This will decrease the time required for the changeover process. In turn, it will speed up your return on investment.

You must also be able to create a user interface that’s easy for the customer to use. The products should match the customer’s language, tone, and preferred medium. This enhances customer communication and loyalty.

4. Choose an Automated Document Assembly Tailored to Your Business

Look for an automated document assembly solution that can be tailored to your specific industry. Once again, this will allow a quicker return on your investments and on-the-ground product applications.

Desirable document automation and assembly software allows documents to be generated automatically using intelligent templates. This technology can create complex documents in a fraction of the time. The intelligent automation also decreases human errors.

Find software that prompts the user to input information as the document generates. The user should be able to make choices about the final product as well. Also, make sure it can manage conditional branching and limit language according to user preference.

5. Check for Customer Self-Service Functionality

In some cases, you might want to incorporate client self-service functionality. For businesses that use a self-service element for third parties or clients, you must ensure that the document creator you choose includes this component.

On-demand or self-service features allow customers to access data, storage, software, and other resources at any time. Having a user-friendly interface allows your customers to find easily information and communicate with your business.

These business applications should perform high-volume repetitive processes in an automated environment. Examples include statements, invoices, or reports sent out monthly or yearly. You may even want to set limits based on your business environment.

6. Explore the Product’s Ability to Customize

Digital document management systems can decrease the time and effort spent creating complex workflow processes. Look for a package that automates the workflow but allows you to customize it for your needs.

Find out if the software can create, assemble, and deliver batchdocuments to clients. Then, can it provide receipts verifying that packages were received in the desired format? Customers may want to print the package, access components online, or receive PDFs or emails.

These programs often assist in creating and enforcing business policies. Automated systems should collect and process data and review and approve submissions.

7. Look for Products that Offer Fillable Forms and PDFs

Provide access to fillable forms or PDFs increases customer satisfaction. No more printing, completing, faxing, or scanning forms for submission. The customer can simply go to the forms, complete, and submit them.

This decreases turnaround time for completing business services for all parties. Forms do not get forgotten or lost. It also ensures that you are providing customer data privacy.

8. Prioritize Support

Migrating to a largescale and pivotal document creation and management system requires 24/7 access to tech support. If your business relies on this automated software to meet customer needs, there can’t be delays.

When evaluating a product, ask about IT support responsiveness. Also, find out if they charge extra for support services or service contracts.

Do You Need the Best Document Creator System?

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By improving your business’s document processing efficiency, you will realize increased profitability. This will come through increased customer satisfaction as well as employee performance. Increased workflow combined with decreased processing time leads to increased revenue.

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