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Ecrion Engage Overview

Next-Generation Customer Management

Understand exactly what made a customer buy and pinpoint the exact number and type of touchpoints or transactions that it takes not just to engage existing customers, but also to convert a prospect into a customer.

Plot the customer journey and engage customers at the right time in order to influence their decisions. Leverage at-a-glance visibility to support better decisions and genuine connections with your audiences.


  • Ensure consistency across the enterprise
  • Create a unified, 360 degree view of every customer
  • Establish and execute on long-term customer strategies
  • Segment target audiences into buyer personas and maximize engagement
  • Map customer journeys and automate interactions of your customers across touchpoints
  • Rank the efficiency of your messaging and identify communicatoons that have the greatest influence score on your audience
  • Ensure compliance and governance with a review and approval process