About Ecrion

Customer Communication, Document Automation
and Customer Experience Solutions


Ecrion is the leading platform for Document Automation, Customer Communication Management, Customer Experience Automation and Digital Experience solutions all in a single, purpose-built, modular platform. Our solutions empower companies to establish genuine, one-on-one connections with their customers.

Founded in 2002 as a high-volume document generator for bank statements, invoices and a myriad of other uses, we have since become the de-facto standard in the Customer Experience Automation industry. Thousands of organizations across the globe, of every size and industry, trust Ecrion’s solutions to establish genuine connections with their customers—one at a time.

Our services, available both in the cloud and behind the firewall, include:


  • Digital experience tools to enable customers to interact with their providers how, when and where they want
  • Customer journey mapping, execution and visibility, including customer analytics that enable companies to proactively manage their customers’ experience


  • The best-in-class high-volume document automation solution, including document generation, assembly, distribution and management
  • A user-friendly document template design tool, empowering business users to create their own documents and reports without requiring valuable IT resources
  • Customer communication management including customer preferences, omnichannel communications, multi-lingual templates, and more
  • Interactive documents, forms and analytic solutions


Our mission is to help companies around the world more effectively communicate and engage with their customers. To achieve this goal, we believe in a simple philosophy: That an empathic approach to customer interactions is the best way of doing business. As organizations grow, they need not become impersonal or lose touch with their customers. We believe that personalized, more human interactions forge genuine connections with customers and maximize lifetime customer value.