AI is Changing: The Top AI Trends of 2019

top ai trends 2019

82% of firms 1 that have invested in artificial intelligence have already gained financial returns for their investment. For all companies, the median investment return from cognitive technologies is 17%.

Artificial intelligence is the latest technological frontier over which countries and companies are vying for control. Some governments have also been pursuing it aggressively to control future innovation.

In 2018, we witnessed a dramatic increase in tools, applications, and platforms based on AI and machine learning.

These technologies didn’t only impact software and the internet industry, but they also affected healthcare, manufacturing, legal, and agriculture verticals.

Companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple, IBM, and Google are investing in AI research to find out how they can bring AI closer to us. This means that we will continue seeing the advancement of AI and ML related technology in 2019 onwards.

Here are the top AI trends to watch for in 2019:

1. Auto Car Manufacturers Will Launch Driverless Cars

40% of mileage 2 in Europe will be replaced by autonomous vehicles in 2030. Currently, many companies are developing the technology behind these machines. The process is driven by the economic and social benefits involved.

Car manufacturers hope that autonomous driving technology will change consumers’ minds. Big firms such as Ford and General Motors have already shifted to digital product lines. Other companies such as Google’s Waymo have poured billions in the investment of driverless cars.

Supporters believe that self-driving cars technology will reduce traffic deaths. It will also give the elderly an affordable and safe alternative to drive themselves.

With Google, Uber, and Kroger leading the way, other companies will surely follow them. This will form one of the important AI trends in 2019.

2. Application of Facial Recognition Will Increase

Facial recognition had its challenges in 2018. A good example is when millions of people’s data were breached on Facebook.

Although similar cases have also been on the rise, facial recognition is significantly controlling them. It has accuracy and readability features which keep off cybercriminals.

When more efforts are put to it, it will help security agents to identify the rogue elements in the society. It will also help in providing more personalized communications to customers.

3. Artificial Intelligence Will Increase Work Automation

“Will artificial intelligence take all jobs from people?” This is a common question asked on many platforms today. The answer is both “yes” and “no”.

It’s true that Al has increased automation in many industries. For instance, Amazon is using robots to improve accuracy and speed. However, it can’t take over all jobs as humans must do some of the work.

Rise of Al is increasing automation processes, although researchers must create solutions to problems which arise. AI will consume the low skilled in the market, but the demand for high skilled jobs will increase

4. Augmented Reality Apps Will Increase

Imagine having a direct interaction with your customers and delivering their expectations every time? As we advance, Al businesses might start winning customers with every single interaction.

AR and Al are two technologies which have the potential to connect customers in 2019. Compared to virtual reality, which requires a hardware device such as Oculus Rift, Augmented Reality is simple to implement. It’s only requirement is an app and a smartphone.

Healthcare, retail, and travel industries have already created uses of Augmented Reality. Also, technology giants such as Google and Apple have offered the right development tools to make AR based apps easier. 2019 will, therefore, see an increase in the number of augmented reality apps.

5. Logistics Will Become More Efficient

Companies like kiva systems use a combination of advanced robotics and artificial intelligence to provide logistic solutions.

As technology continues to advance, future warehouses will look different than how they are today. They will not be built to accommodate human–packers, but rather robots.

The highly capable robots can work for 24/7 without rest, and also doesn’t need lighting to see what they do.

Kiva system creates learning robots which find and transport goods at Amazon warehouses. This faster and less expensive technology is expected to expand to many industries in 2019.

6. Peer To Peer Networks Will Enhance Transparency

Machine learning helps companies to make informed decisions on the next content to use. The rise of peer to peer networks enables small organizations to run advanced Al programs.

Preserch is one of the firms which aim to apply Al and peer to peer networking to improve transparency in the search engines. Google controls almost 77 percent 3 of the total search market, yet only a few people know how it operates.

Preserch is using cryptocurrency to help participants develop a computing power over their computers. In return, the company promises to create a more transparent search platform.

The firm has already risen more than $5 million for that purpose. In 2019, it’s likely that other organizations will use peer to peer networking to challenge large corporations

7. Content Will Be Designed Using Artificial Intelligence

Today, brands like Hearst and CBS are using AI technology to create content. For instance, Wibbitz provides a SaaS platform for publishers to turn written content to videos.

With tools like Wibbitz, publishers no longer need to spend many days creating content for social media and websites.

The Associated Press also uses Wordsmith to apply natural language generation. The process helps to create stories based on the earnings data.

In 2019, we can expect media companies to adopt video generation technology and adopt the natural language.

8. Trends Show Growth in Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will not see a decline soon, and thus we should only expect positive Al trends. It will continue to grow in 2019 onwards. The focus will not only be on the new applications and technologies but also on how it interacts with society.

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