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Florin Vasilian

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Florin Vasilian
Chief Executive Officer

Can you imagine trying to conduct business these days without having a website?

I don’t know anybody that can! The Internet has become such a prevalent way to connect with customers that even companies that traditionally relied on face-to-face interactions like Goldman Sachs or Louis Vuitton had to bow to the new reality.

Today, most organizations are pretty good at using their online presence for all efforts that are driven by Sales or Marketing: showcasing what the business does, generating leads or purchasing products and services.

Operations and IT have often times lagged behind Sales and Marketing; however the gap is beginning to shrink.

Take for example on-boarding: many leading companies now allow customers to sign up for service, supply additional information and receive a welcome kit without leaving the comfort of their homes. This makes it even more sense as more companies are delivering their services globally and people can conduct business in different time zones, at any time of day and night. HSBC for example allows customers to multiple open accounts in different countries and link those accounts together in a 100% digital experience.

Most businesses however are severely limited in the capabilities they provide online. Most of the time, interactions start online but they are soon transferred to another channel like email or in-person due to a lack of capabilities.

Take for example filing an insurance claim: the process can be started online but often times it cannot be completed without getting in touch with an agent. Device continuity – starting the claim on a mobile device and continuing seamlessly on tablet or PC – is also challenging for many organizations. Competitors have seized on this opportunity to steal customers by providing easy ways to sign up and submit claims digitally.

Virtually all existing business processes, regardless of industry, from applying for a loan, maintaining policies to billing and correspondence can be transferred in the digital domain with important benefits for both your company and your customers.

As an Operations or IT leader, your reputation can increase or decrease according to the impact on your company’s bottom line:

Moving away from in-person or phone interactions can reduce costs while providing a better quality of service.

Better digital experiences are the best way to retain existing customers and gain new ones, around the clock.

Digital experiences can be engineered from the ground-up to eliminate friction and elevate customer satisfaction.

Customers find that a streamlined approach provides satisfaction on many levels: they feel like they are in control, they have visibility into the whole process and ultimately save time and resources when doing business with your company.

Digital Experiences are no longer optional; they are the best way to energize and push your business forward!

At Ecrion, we make it easy for companies to show value in the eyes of their customers by providing excellent Digital Experiences that elevate satisfaction and maximize engagement.

Article originally published on LinkedIn on September 11, 2019