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Enterprise Document Management Can Save Your Business Time And Money

Enterprise Document Management Saves Your Business Time And Money

As a business leader, you know that workplace efficiency spurs company profitability. That’s why you’re interested in ways to optimize how your organization handles its documents. There are plenty of ways that an enterprise document management software system can save your company time and money. Digital solutions are helping businesses in all industries streamline various […]

How to Decide When Your Business Needs a Customer Engagement Platform

When Does Your Business Need a Customer Engagement Platform

Your company’s relationship with its audience is one of the most important metrics to focus on. In fact, studies have shown that people are far more likely to interact with a brand that they trust than one they don’t. Interacting with your audience isn’t always optimized, though, which may result in you not getting as much out of […]

Aragon Research Names Ecrion a 2020 Hot Vendor

Aragon Research names Ecrion a 2020 Hot Vendor

Ecrion, a leader in customer communications management, document automation, and customer journey automation, was named by independent research firm, Aragon, as a “Hot Vendor” in its 2020 Hot Vendors in Workflow and Content Automation (WCA) report. The report recognizes four vendors in the WCA space and includes trends and predictions around adoption and innovation in […]

Get Started in Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

Getting Started in Multi-Channel Marketing | Benefits of Multi-Channel Marketing | Managing Customer Communications A full 52% of marketers use three to four channels to connect with unique target audiences. This is a strategy known as multi-channel marketing which spreads your message across several media platforms. With the growing popularity of cross-marketing, if you’re not already participating in multi-channel communications then […]

How To Generate Documents From an Oracle Database

How To Generate Documents From Oracle Database

In any organization, a database plays a crucial role in holding and managing an entire organization’s data from various functions or departments. With this data in place, organizations and businesses of all sizes can create an array of documents. It is possible to create invoices, NDAs, procurement contracts, after-sales reports, invoices, sales proposals, and more […]

7 Tips for Effectively Managing a Remote Customer Service Team in 2020

Managing a Remote Customer Service Team

Research has shown that remote customer service employees demonstrate increased levels of productivity. A study published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics revealed that participants were able to handle 13% more requests per day when working remotely. Aside from increasing productivity, remote working also lowers overheads. However, these gains don’t mean much if your remote customer service team is […]

8 Essential Parts of a Basic Invoice Template

Essential Parts of a Basic Invoice Template

You’re responsible for your company’s customer experience management. You recognize that any interaction with an everyday consumer is an opportunity for potential profit. In addition, you want to maximize workplace efficiency for employees working with customers. So, you’re looking to develop a basic invoice template to use as clients hire your business. That way, you […]

MHC Software Acquires Ecrion Software

MHC Software Acquires Ecrion Software

Combined Company Delivers Enterprise Automation Solutions to 1,300+ Organizations Globally Minneapolis, MN and Rockville, MD – June 22, 2020 – MHC, a leader in enterprise automation software solutions, today announced the acquisition of Ecrion Software, a leading provider of customer communication management (CCM) and customer experience automation (CXA) software and services.  The combined company delivers […]

The Importance of a Robust Customer Engagement Strategy in a Time of Crisis

Customer Engagement Strategy In a Time of Crisis

If you’re a customer engagement specialist, these last few weeks may have found you staring at your screen wondering what you can possibly say to your customer base. How do you, as a brand, navigate through a crisis? Maintaining customer relationships has become more important now than ever. Having a strong customer engagement strategy can […]