Batch Documents: Optimization for Better Success

batch documents

No matter your industry – insurance, banking, utilities, etc. – your company at some point goes through the process of generating batch documents. However, if your batch documents process isn’t fully optimized, your customers could be missing out. What’s more, your company could be needlessly throwing away money.

Each month, your company generates millions upon millions of documents. Monthly statements, customer letters, invoices, the list goes on. Document automation is important to the overall success of your company. Without the right software, you might be missing out on providing a valuable customer experience – all the while seeing your costs continue to balloon.

Importance of Optimized Batch Documents

Batch document processing allows your company to print millions of documents at a time. Those documents are sent out to your customers, but is your company providing any value to them? It depends on the software you’re currently using.

batch documents

The right software should seamlessly integrate with your business applications, such as a CRM, billing system, or proprietary database. This ensures fully automated, worry-free batch document creation. You should also be able to produce batch runs on a set schedule or on demand. With this software, your customers will receive consistent, quality, and timely communications.

However, is that enough? Today, many of your customers expect more and more from you. The digital age is here, and along with it, the demand for a full digital experience. Template management within your software should allow your company to treat each customer as an individual, not a number.

Providing Value While Saving Money

For example, while some customers still prefer to receive communications from you in the mail, the tide has turned to digital. Many of your customers would rather receive their documents through email, text messaging/SMS, or other channels. An omnichannel, or multichannel, approach is required in this instance.

Since each customer is unique, each presents your company with a different set of challenges for batch document processing. Again, the right software – using template management – can make this a breeze.

If your customers want to receive their documents in a specific language, you can handle it with the right software. Extra value can be added by including such things as information about their individual usage. Batch documents can also be created that feature up-sell opportunities based on your customers’ needs.

By providing digital communications, you save money by not having to print as many documents. With up-sell opportunities and great customer experiences, your company will see an increase in revenue time after time. The question you have to ask yourself now is, do I have the right software?

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