Using Customer Information for a Better Customer Experience

better customer experience

In today’s information-driven business world, companies know the virtues of enterprise data — especially when it comes to trying to create a better customer experience.

It’s easy to understand that the information an organization collects and utilizes can be extremely valuable. Whether this data is being used to drive strategic business intelligence (BI) analysis, or to dynamically populate the mission critical communications any organization requires, smarter business practices are contingent upon efficient data capture, manipulation, and application.

However, we are seeing that at the top, the most-savvy organizations are thinking about enterprise data differently and gaining a competitive advantage by combining workflows in different areas. By turning to innovative platforms that integrate advanced reporting and BI visualizations in new and logical ways, companies are utilizing the same enterprise data to dynamically populate communications and power BI analytics to create a better customer experience. Rather than processing and ingesting the data twice into two different systems (which is time-consuming, costly, redundant, and inefficient), utilizing one comprehensive platform that includes a data aggregation tool saves an immense amount of time, resources, and money. And this is just process control.

The real value of customer communications management (CCM) systems with integrated BI lies not only in the way outputs are created, but more so in the strength, accessibility, and impact your communications have both internally and externally. Where most organizations see documents (statements, invoices, forms, and more) as a resource-consuming necessity of business, more and more companies instead look at these communications as additional opportunities for growth, heightened consumer confidence, and increased revenues. How?

Smarter Documents

better customer experience

CCM platforms facilitate more intelligent communications. Users can easily incorporate triggers into the data that assess specific customer habits, trends, and demographics, and then include pertinent highly-targeted marketing messages within the document automatically. Stimulating and powerful BI visualizations can be incorporated directly into documents for a better customer experience.

Omnichannel communication

With an integrated platform, fostering productive omnichannel communications becomes a breeze. Customers have the capability to see exactly what they want to see, how they want to see it, so they can access information in a manner that best suits them. Consumers can also populate online forms that provide immediate and accurate feedback and can even generate customized reports based off of interactive dashboards with the click of a mouse. Then, with the ability to track how customers access data, how long they spend on particular pages, or what visuals and messages work or don’t, companies can build better strategies, make better business decisions, and have a better customer experience.

Consistency across platforms

As customers access communications across mediums (print, online, email, SMS, tablet, smartphone), it is increasingly important to maintain a consistent look and feel. Centralizing and unifying data into a single source that powers both BI and document production ensures accurate formatting and content. Moreover, employing a single comprehensive system means that users can freely customize the documents they receive on any supported device and get the output they want.

Choose Ecrion to Help Create a Better Customer Experience

Ultimately, Fortune 500 companies are tapping into the immense value that lies within integrated customer communications management platforms, but this kind of streamlining makes sense for companies of any size that need to generate interactive and customized reports or respond to multiple platform demands. Bringing these traditionally independent processes together provides for significant cost and time savings, simplified workflow management, and more productive, empowered communications that provide tangible value to any organization.

If you want to learn more about how your company can save money and still have successful customer communications, we’re here to help. At Ecrion, our state-of-the-art CCM solutions can be fitted, adapted, and modified to suit your unique business. To find out more, contact us today by email at, by phone at 1-866-418-3838, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping your company find the path to better customer communications.

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