Documents in the Digital Age

When it comes to documents, digital transformation demands more practical and visual applications for things that were once tedious in a non-digital world. It would not be much of a transformation if we simply carried everything from our non-digital experience over to a digital interface. One key requirement for digital transformation, or any real innovation, is that a technology adds value. It offers something new. You can do more with it, probably in less time.

Most Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions have a built-in feature that helps you deliver a digital experience to your customers: interactive documents. Businesses can show more data using less space, and create a more engaging user experience in less time. And like traditional paper documents, there’s an interactive document for virtually every business situation.

Portfolio Analysis

Wealth managers and financial analysts can now show the value of a client’s holdings and asset allocations in HTML 5. Interactive features allow clients to drill down, sort, and filter data as they please; different sections can be designated to host specific elements like videos and ads, beyond the essentials, to fully inform and engage clients.

Monthly Invoices

Bills can display more than just the basic charges. With an interactive invoices, you can turn static text and tables into a more informative, dynamic document experience. Interactive documents can also include chat buttons, so that customers can contact your team with questions at any point in reading the document.

Purchase Orders

Other interactive documents allow businesses to populate fields in real time. So if you’e delivering a purchase order to a customer, an easy way to go about it is to enter the vital information directly in the fields, and they appear on the document immediately. A leap in saving time and producing clear, actionable customer documents.

Explanation of Benefits

Insurance customers can navigate their policies more easily with digital explanations of benefits, deliverable to multiple devices (phone, tablet, PC). These documents are highly responsive, with drill-down capability and more information than the customer could possibly get in a paper document. Documents like these also save time for your call centers, as customers can easily answer their own questions.

Sales Reports

Not all interactive documents are customer-facing! Dynamic charts can allow managers to see the activity of individual salespeople, and the aggregate productivity of the entire team. You can view your margins and highlight activity in any geographical area of interest to you. Interactive documents allow for the most comprehensive business report to date.

What more can you do?

These are all just examples of what various combinations of single digital assets can accomplish. Really, your documents could be entirely customizable, and the possibilities are endless.

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