Reinventing the Wheel

Technology is ever-changing, and the majority of it comes and goes. But there are always those few tremendous innovations that stick with us. Wheels, walls, shovels, and fire pits – we would call these items future-proof, because of how essential they’ve become in shaping our everyday lives.

Similarly, there are staples to how we conduct business that we would call “future-proof”. The Internet is one innovation that will not go away, and with it we’re given things like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, cloud collaboration, digital communications, and social media, all of which have become integral to Business Process Management (BPM). These things have come together to form Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions.

Business Survival

What’s kept wheels, walls, shovels, and fire pits around for so long? The common denominator between different longstanding technologies is always how pertinent they are to survival. The internet lays a foundation for the survival of competing businesses. CRM and cloud storage subsequently do the same. These tools, and others used for storing and managing customer data, are here to stay.

But they share a more specific common denominator: customer communications management. Only a couple of your touch points with customers actually involve buying and selling, yet somehow they are all of equal importance. The survival of a customer relationship is grounded in communication. Without it, your customers do not stay – your messaging is not worth their loyalty. Without it, your customers do not come – your messaging is not worth their time. Without it, your company does not survive.

Business Process Management

And this is how CCM was initially conceived: with the survival of your business in mind. It consists of not just tailoring your messaging to customer wants and needs (by linking with your current CRM), but also optimizing your internal business processes with better organized data and role-based access to different work environments. It’s collaboration, in short.

Disjointed internal processes never translate to consistent outbound customer messaging. Without CCM, your processes rely solely on people to develop their own consistent methods utilizing dated and dying technologies. This is painful, time-consuming work, and it tends to need reconfiguring every so often, with gradual technological transformation and shifting trends.

The combination of outbound communication and business process management, and how they feed into each other, makes for a living, circular relationship; so it’s no coincidence that the longevity of a customer relationship is referred to as the Customer Life Cycle. You might say the emergence of customer communications management is a paradigm shift – a new wheel – where internal collaboration and customer correspondence are the spokes.

Choosing Your Platform

Continuing with the metaphor, how do you go about choosing the wheel that’s best for you? Most companies are looking to employ solutions that not only service their most pressing customer communications concerns, but those that leverage technology to the fullest extent, for the highest future gain. And so we transcend the realm of Customer Communications Management (CCM) and begin talking about Customer Engagement Management (CEM).

Competitive businesses that aren’t just looking to improve current processes want something extra. In the case of customer communications, the extra would define communications that excel in engaging customers. These types of engaging communications take a step closer to the customer in their journey by providing more interactive, visually appealing documents, which the business can customize to their own specifications. These communications must also be interactive, immediately catering to the customer reading the document, and sending data back to the source, to inform and optimize future communications for their preferences.

Future-Proof Communications

In every sense of the word, Customer Communications Management is future-proof. It’s the way customer relationships everywhere will be carried out in the future; it promises to increase future revenue; it keeps you from having to update your cluster of independent legacy solutions whenever something needs to change. Businesses everywhere will have soon unified their companies around one omni-channel platform to cover process management and effective omni-channel customer communication.

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