What Does Mobility Mean to You?

A growing understanding of the customer makes clear how customer communications are headed in the mobile direction.  

Your business has never seen greater opportunity to improve performance than today, with new channels of communication allowing you to track customer needs and preferences like never before. This is a compelling case for the rise of mobile – but so is walking outside and observing how many people are using mobile devices. 

Is it all about the channels?  

We have spoken often about how many customers are not just looking for features; they are most pleased with either a solution to their need, or a unique experience they didn’t know they could have. Of course, mobile communications lay the groundwork for this. But merely providing a mobile interface is only half the battle

For a customer journey to progress, business needs an element of soul. Today’s mobility flirts ever closer with the idea of a business and its customers being lifelong friends. You literally travel in their pocket with mobile notifications and emails. But what’s inside your mobile notifications and emails? Does the content of your communications match that flexibility?  

Delivering Real Content

Mobile capability is effective so long as you can back it up with communications worth the time of customers. This is why Ecrion's Customer Engagement Management (CEM) solution is the next critical wave in customer relationship. You have all of the capability, backed by tools for better template design and smoother document deliveries.  

Ecrion's Customer Engagement Management solution, EOS-CEM, is a platform that not only delivers the widely-coveted Customer Journey Map, but also every other tool a company needs to produce and deliver customer-facing documents, run analytics, and track customer behavior. This is an all-in-one system with solutions that speak for its features.

For mobility, in particular, Ecrion Omni System (EOS) gives your business an advantage with: 

  • Omni-channel communications – document delivery via SMS, push notification, email, print, and more 

  • Channel-agnostic templates – a single template can be used by all channels, saving the trouble of storing copies upon copies of the same document 

  • Channel previews – view how the documents will appear on different devices before sending them out 

  • Interactive documents – documents that respond to customer interaction, delivering data back to you on their preferences.  

But, again we are not only here to give names to features. The real value of mobility is in the customer experience.  

What is On-the-Go Communication? 

Customers that read documents from their phones are usually on the go. Whether customers are walking somewhere or out eating lunch, the competition for customer attention is stiff. This customer needs a message that is clear and concise, tailored to someone with a lot on their plate.  

This is precisely what customer communications management and customer engagement management aim to do. Every feature works to the benefit of the other, and this is what starts to generate the ultimate customer experience.  

The Benefits of Mobile

  • Customer Convenience – The customer has access to your company on the go. Whether you need to notify them, ask for their signature, or address a concern, you deliver to the channel they please. 


  • Real Engagement – Contact your customers in a way that suits their preferences and still get your message across. You can allow them to possibly enjoy reading statements and corporate letters, with targeted graphics and promotions.  

  • Actionable Feedback – With the Customer Journey, every touch point between you and a customer is documented. you are enabled to see how a customer reacts to every specific communication you deliver, then adjust your next communication strategy to match them.


For your communications to be successful with on-the-go customers, more needs to change than simply your features. It’s an adjustment on all fronts, which is why Ecrion is working to help you deliver a true all-in-one experience. 

These highlights, along with all else in Customer Communications Management (EOS-CCM), Document Automation (EOS-DA), and Document Production (EOS-P) are available in Ecrion’s new Customer Engagement Management (CEM) module.