Mindful Customer Communication

While it’s common to think genius is “born, not made”, the opposite is true for an ingenious customer experience.  

The customer never fell into your lap, even if it appeared so. The customer found you at a unique time, when they needed something, and believed that you could provide. This particular set of circumstances was guided by a series of events, at the core of which is communication.  

The art of customer communication doesn’t need to be mysterious. There is engineering behind this. A conversation can be fine-tuned – perfected, even. This is what makes customer communications management (CCM) so essential: it is the foundation on which you engineer the entire customer relationship from the beginning.

Be Mindful of Customer On-boarding

Every touch point is of high importance, but it all hinges on the first one. Understanding the value of a first impression can actually be crucial for more than attracting new customers. Some research actually suggests that a positive on-boarding experience could be linked to higher retention. 70% of customers say they would be willing to spend more with companies they believe provide excellent customer service from the outset. How do you make them believe this about you? You show them.  

Your opening message needs to clearly convey your brand, your expertise, and your care. The appearance of your logos and colors, and the content of your customer-facing documents are a part of this. Consider brand presence to be just as much a part of the on-boarding experience as a phone conversation with the customer. It is any customer's first experience of you. This important first transmission needs to be clear to your mission and demonstrate how you can benefit the people that need you. 

Keeping the Customer Correspondence Meaningful

As you continue to dialogue with your customer, every touch point becomes as important as the last. Providing support for customers around the clock is entirely doable in this day and age, with omni-channel digital communications, and solutions that bring all of your customer data and communication tools together into one.  

You have already attracted the customer with an appearance of quality, and hopefully a reputation to match. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. You should proceed to communicate, delivering the right content where and when the customers please, in whatever manner fits their profiles (an integrated customer communications management (CCM) tool makes this easy, because the content of your documents, and how they are sent, is informed directly by your customer relationship management (CRM) database). This way, you know the channels they prefer to communicate by, how they want to digest their information, and more.  

Don't Be Afraid to Initiate Next Steps

As time goes on, you will develop a more complete profile of every customer, able to satisfy every need or preference they bring to the table. The goal is to start even predicting what customers want before they tell you.  

You should expect your future marketing campaigns to evolve, from simply reacting to customer activity, to actually seeing where the need is based on a distinct portrait of your customer segments. You can develop this picture overtime with an interactive customer correspondence that tells you not only where and who the customers are, but how they read their communications.


A fully integrated CCM solution will also give you the ability to deliver relevant ads for customers to continue on their journey when they are ready.

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