Who really pays attention to the number of documents produced in a day? As it turns out, a number of companies do.

Many consider high-volume document production an integral part of their customer retention strategy. But some still think of it as overhead cost, giving it no further thought.

That’s a stark difference in mindset, and it bears some very real consequences. Customer communications management starts with keeping an eye on document production, which equates to keeping an eye on your bottom line. Save costs and become more efficient here, and you could see a real difference in customer satisfaction, net promoter score, employee retention, net profitability – all areas where Fortune 500 companies excel.

When you consider how growing companies stay in touch with their expanding customer bases, documents really should begin to matter. Let’s take a look at how thriving businesses handle document production.

Customer Scale & Complexity

Maybe it’s not exactly the number of documents produced in a day that matters, but really the number of customers waiting to receive those documents.

Your company needs to give customers a sense that you are aware of them as individuals, even if they amount to hundreds of thousands of people. As far as the documents go, then, then only things to concern yourself with are management of scale and document complexity.

EOS gives you the power to produce many millions of documents per day, which is why exact numbers are not an issue. The real question is this: does your document production system grow with you? Does it change with your customers? Is it scalable?

The number of documents you produce in a day, or a minute, depends on your particular needs. To simply scale to customers based on volume, EOS allows you to continually add hardware until your needs are met. To meet the more complex needs of individual customers, EOS les you choose from different document types, capable of being delivered and viewed by multiple channels, digital or print.

It’s also the only system that offers high availability for hospital reports, legal documents, and other documents with mission-critical information – like air travel, for example – on a variety of channels.

This is not just an example of a solution that scales, but one that also accounts for the complexity of today’s customer messaging demands.


The speed at which you produce documents, whether ad-hoc or en-masse, depends on how complicated the communication is, but also on the basic speed of the engine. This combination is what determines the frequency of your customer engagement, either making or breaking the relationship.

Customers of wealth management professionals, for example, are going to want a specific frequency in their communication with you – some more or less than others, but they are always going to demand timeliness. A reliable engine produces the right amount of documents quickly, and delivers them on schedule.

Customer Communication Core

Whether you’re delivering one-off individual documents, or automating batch runs, the content can still be personalized to give customers the feeling of being known, consequently prompting them to continue subscribing to your brand.

Implementing a high-availability solution with Omni-channel capability, automation, and interactive features is no less than standard for the future of all your customer relationships. The quality of your brand does depend on quality and accuracy in documents, but half the battle is also simple timeliness and the efficacy of the production engine itself. The document production engine is the very core of a healthy customer correspondence, setting the foundation for the image of your entire company.