Everybody likes “Teamwork” – or, at least the word is used often. But what really qualifies as collaboration? Are you in the same building? Are your desks close together?

Here are some ways that document production collaboration through a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform can put the working in working together.


Collaboration with Non-Technical Peers

Legacy IT departments are great at multitasking, but sometimes this works against them. Cross-training has traditionally been a constant of the IT programmer, because customer relationships have often depended not only on their management of important customer data, but also on how the company begins to interact with it – designing customer documents, producing them, and ensuring they are sent to the right place. Wouldn’t your technical team’s time be better spent working on…technical projects?


A CCM platform promises a more user-friendly interface than legacy tools that have performed the same functions in the past. It allows for the delegation of these tasks beyond just one department. Your whole organization can now be centered on a single platform – designers design, writers write, programmers program. Because you know what else IT departments are good at? Focusing on one thing and doing it well.


Clarity through High-Level Oversight

Though you would expect an executive team to be greatly concerned with customer relationships, legacy solutions have required them to act with a measure of faith when it comes to the details of customer correspondence. Like the graphic designers and content creators, they have not been involved in many customer relationship functions due to inaccessibility.


That’s changing with CCM platforms as well. All-in-one solutions are equipped with oversight faculties that give executives role-based access, allowing them to track the progress of different projects, and review and approve them. This should reduce pains for those executives, and for the IT staff, because everyone has a clear idea of the progress that is being made.


Greater Investment In Company Mission

Many companies want employees who bleed the brand. Some have achieved this, while others might only tell themselves so. It’s one thing to talk about the devotion of your staff, and another to see it in action. The foundation of your proud culture will ultimately be a collaboration between all the ends of the company. For everyone to rally around each other, it’s important to first establish a unified, consistent brand, something best achieved through teamwork.

Use a CCM tool to perfect your communications with streamlined operations, omni-channel communications, and more beautiful visualizations!