Layers of Engagement: Customers, Communications, Channels, Marketing

There are different “layers” or focused product segments to Ecrion Omni System (EOS) for good reason. While it’s an efficient way of organizing our products, it can also be looked at as a way to account for the vital “layers” that businesses face in engaging their customers. Document production, automation, communication channels, and marketing campaigns each represent levels of increasing intimacy with customers. We’ll call them the integral layers of customer engagement which, when working together, necessitate a customer engagement solution like the EOS platform.  

Lessons from Documents

Many businesses don’t consider document automation as vital to the equation as more traditional aspects of product or brand. This is unfortunate, given that so many banks and insurance agencies interact with their customers almost exclusively using documents, and this interaction happens monthly at most. The customer has a chance to learn about a company from those documents, but this opportunity to interact with customers so often this is spoiled by misprints/typos, bland imagery, or non-essential information. 

Documents are also an opportunity for businesses to learn about their customers. It’s helpful when this process is a two-way street, when a business can create channels for feedback (as is popular with questionnaires and return envelopes). In this way, you start to see documents as “touchpoints”, critical as any transaction, both starting and perpetuating the customer journey.  

Automatic Accuracy

To even begin correspondence with customers, you must know who they are and what they want. EOS can help you understand an individual customer from every angle with a full view of their contact data, preferences, and communications history. Ad-hoc changes can be made to all of this information in real time; customers can either make adjustments through an automated system or on the phone with your representatives. Accounts and profiles appear as a list in EOS, and can be accessed with a simple click. Knowing your audience will help you craft the perfect messages, serving a wide range of individuals. 

But that’s just the beginning. Where it really starts to get engaging is with automation. When you know who your customers are, the right Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform, such as EOS, allows you to trigger accurate communications on time, as frequently as the customer prefers, and by any desired medium: the information they want, how they want it, in the format the customer prefers.  

Communication Preferences

In this digital and mobile age, there are almost too many options to choose from when it comes to communications. This is a great thing! The right CCM solution can help you deliver a perfectly custom experience to your customers. For example, leverage Ecrion Omni System to provide access to HTML5 Interactive Documents that can change the information presented to the customer dynamically, based on customer behavior.  

What puts the Omni in Ecrion Omni System is the Omni-channel communication capabilities. Most vital to meeting customer communication needs (coinciding with the print-or-digital dilemma, i.e. do we hard copies via snail mail or digital copies via email) is what specific delivery channel customers prefer.  

Within EOS, a businesses can either find the answer directly from a customer’s profile, or they can infer from communication history, age, location, or other information. Are the customers technologically savvy? Are they boomers or millennials? Documents can be delivered by email, SMS, push notifications, or traditional physical mail. The diversity of consumers in this respect is at an all-time high, so again, it’s good to have a solution that tells the customer’s whole story.  

Marketing Campaigns

Customer communications is a cycle that begins and ends with marketing. This final layer exists to close the loop and start it all over. The Customer Engagement Management (CEM) layer in our EOS platform gives businesses the option of ongoing correspondence with dynamic ads tailored to their preferences and history.  

Upselling and cross-selling, or at least an acknowledgement of what a customer might need in the future, is vital to prolonging Customer Lifetime Value. In the end, this takes brand awareness to new heights, and it bolsters revenue.  

Your business and your customers will keep learning about each other, your company identity will be clear. The only thing left is to keep communicating.