Company Identity Relies on Your Treatment of Customer Identity

Input vs. output is a simple universal concept that doesn’t quite get the application it deserves in many areas. Think of input vs. output in terms of the customer relationship, for example. How well you know your customers determines how your company is known.  

The way we see it, what you do in-house translates to external results – that is, the picture customers are shown in their dealings with you. Industry leaders catch on to this quickly, adapting to new technologies or strengthening their internal processes to deliver an appealing outbound message.  

Customer Profiles
Who Is Your Customer? 

Delivering the right messages to customers depends on knowing everything you can about them. Leading Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions connect customer data – everything you may already manage with a CRM system – to a capable document production tool. Customer profiles in the CCM solution can determine everything about the communications that are created in production, as well as how the document is delivered. 

Omni-channel Solution
What Does Your Customer Want? 

Around the world, more than 59% of customers are currently using mobile technologies. Only you know if this statistic applies to your business – but even if only a few of your customers prefer mobile document delivery, shouldn't that be an option for them? Companies that are sensitive to customer options are making a clear effort to know their customers better, and it’s paying off. In fact, research suggests that customer retention rates are 91% higher for companies that adopt Omni-channel communications. 

Internal Collaboration
Do You Know Each Other? 

How can organizations expect to clearly define the identity of your customers if they can’t identify their roles internally? CCM actually makes it easier to establish what these roles are, starting with user-friendly tools that can be shared among various departments. To maximize the appeal of your document design, include graphic designers; to enhance the quality of the content, use copywriters; free up time for IT professionals to give all of their attention to their primary tasks. Top it off with oversight capability for managers, who can review and approve the work at any stage in the process. This sort of teamwork will help your company nail down customer personas and deliver the appropriate message.  

Customer Journey
Long-term Customer Relationship

Business success begins with an effective team that manages customer preferences and delivers accordingly. Beyond managing customer preferences, industry leaders are managing the customer journey: a collection of every interaction, every meeting, every email between you and the customer since the very first time you met. CCM helps here too, giving every member of your business team, from front-end to executive, at-a-glance reporting (with drill-down, of course) on customer interaction and the individual customer journey.  

Add Customer Communications Management to Your Toolset

When you add a CCM solution into your existing toolset (CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation, etc.), you add an interface for connecting data and high-speed document production, so that communications can now be personal and scalable. CCM helps you optimize the process of customer communication by centering your team on a tool that is accessible to even the least technical of your staff, allowing your company to engage different customer personas with maximum effectiveness. Tie-in your customer's preferences to your existing communications strategy and suddenly you have a two-way conversation with your biggest fans and greatest advocates – your existing customers. And how well you know your customers determines how well your company is known.