What’s a ‘rich’ document?

As a wealth manager, you want to do everything you can to ensure that customers are aware of how their money is growing; you ultimately want to demonstrate the value of your work to them over time, and to improve loyalty as they watch it happen.

Smart allocation of funds is half this battle – the rest is making sure they get a full picture of their situation. Clients will stick with you if they see growth…they just have to see it. This makes customer-facing documents – your statements, invoices, and other mission critical items – an integral part of the wealth management practice.

Wealth managers everywhere are beginning to adopt solutions to develop more personalized communications for better customer engagement. This means that, with the right tools, documents can be visually designed to perfection, they can be interactive, and they can offer an altogether more informative experience than your competitors (or even you) have before.

Designed to Perfection

A viable customer communications management solution provides all of the tools to make your documents visually appealing from the get-go. Begin with a diverse set of stock templates for letters and financial reports, or start from scratch – whatever your demands are, anyone can now complete their vision with an intuitive design module. Control ad placement, logos, colors, and text area details with a free range of customization options. All it takes is to know what your customers want!

Better Information

Along with better-looking documents, customer communications management solutions also allow for more relevant data to populate them. Customer profiles can be managed more easily and intuitively, and preferences can be adjusted on the spot. You can provide clients with only what information pertains to them, delivering exactly what they want to see.

Interactive Engagement

For an added level of engagement, customer communications solutions don’t restrict designs to colors and shapes. With interactive documents, customers are immersed into the experience of animated balance sheets, asset allocations, and growth charts, giving a whole new dimension to customer account information.


The reason so many wealth managers are choosing new customer communications solutions is that long-term loyalty translates to significant long-term revenue. The longer a client stays with you, the more likely they will have compounded assets and are of greater value to you down the road. Documents that are easier to look at, more navigable, and promote more informed financial decisions not only stabilize the client relationship – they enhance it. Touchpoints with customers are not just for checking in, but for up-selling and cross-selling. Generating better income today is as simple as employing tools that can harness the power of communication.