Better Emails with a Customer Communications Management (CCM) Solution

It’s fairly common for today’s enterprise to use marketing automation or some email client in parallel to a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. There are several tools out there promising efficient marketing email sends and list management, and many of them are great – but where much of the endgame for enterprise technology is efficiency, there is still significant headroom to be explored. Industry leaders are beginning to harness an added layer of efficiency with Customer Communications Management (CCM). 

Why Data and Template Connection Matters

The next step in creating and sending emails more efficiently, beyond just an effective email client, comes from combining your communications and customer data into one solution. The potential to engage customers with more relevant messaging – even just more secure, error-free communications – can put a business years ahead of competitors that are still managing legacy systems with data operating in a silo apart from the documents they are supposed to inform.  

Without a solution to facilitate the connection between customer data and communications, you’re not engaging customers at the personal level they expect. Some customers read emails exclusively on their smartphones, others only on their computers. Some don’t want emails at all. Combining your customer data and email services with a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution ensures that you categorize them precisely and that the email sends are executed accordingly.  

Of course, this goes beyond preferred communication channels. CCM is all about customer engagement, so it is geared toward following every individual customer’s journey with you over time. This could specifically relate to the email journey. As a customer makes its way through the marketing and sales pipelines, you learn about which strategies were most engaging and which were not. You can trigger different marketing campaigns for different groups, or send different template styles for maximum appeal.  

What appeals to your customers today might not tomorrow, which is why CCM makes it easy to store and adjust customer data however necessary. You can track their preferences all the way from initial contact to when they become full-fledged advocates of your brand.  

Simpler Process, More Effective Emails

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is also a much more user-friendly way to send email. With a single platform, you establish an interface that any of your stakeholders, technical and nontechnical alike, can use to manage customer data and email templates. When the two are approached separately, they are managed by separate teams, each in their own respective bubbles, and the exchange of information between them is not as fluid as it could be.  

Centralizing the relationship between customer data and templates makes for seamless, intentional communication that adjusts to customer needs as they arise. Your emails need not lack anything in the least, with pinpoint accuracy and more personal engagement.  

Streamlining your email processes with CCM can go a long way to increase customer retention, sell other products, and raise brand awareness. A single solution can bring together not just your email tools, but all of your communications solutions into one, for better internal processes, longer customer relationships, and higher profits.