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How to Make a Quality Customer Journey Map (Fast!)

Customer Journey

Every business owner knows the value of getting into the minds of their target audience. What makes customers tick? What problem do they face and what solution can you offer? Beyond simply identifying your customer’s pain points, you need to understand the motivation behind the customer journey. Tracking, recording, and examining customer behavior provides valuable […]

Customer Experience Trends to Look out for in 2020

Customer Experience

The customer experience in the digital era is something that is continuously evolving. Eventually, the goal isn’t to follow the latest trends but to understand the trends that will be happening in the future. The question is – how do you do that? Most people don’t have a crystal ball lying around. Don’t worry. Here you can find […]

Here’s How Customer Engagement Software Connects Your Company to People and Helps It Make Profit

customer engagement software

Did you know that companies with a customer engagement and experience mindset drive revenue four to eight percent higher than the rest of their industries? That’s a lot of money that can be gained by improving your customer engagement. Have you considered using customer engagement software to help improve your experience? To build a company people […]

Save Time and Money With CCM Tools! Here’s Why You Should Invest in It!

CCM Tools

Customer Communication Management (CCM) tools are software programs. These programs help to manage your business’s communication among a variety of platforms. Having the best CCM tools will help to improve customer satisfaction. Improving customer satisfaction can improve your business success. There are a variety of CCM tools available to business owners and finding the right one […]

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The Value of an Automated Customer Journey


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Customer Journey Automation. In that post, we explored tools that go beyond just mapping the journey, and focused on customer journey execution. For details, please check that post out. To summarize, journey automation software enables companies to trigger personalized customer communications at predefined mileposts, identify points of friction, and refine the […]

Here’s Why Consistent Customer Correspondence Is so Important for Your Company

customer correspondence

One negative experience is the reason 86 percent of consumers stop doing business with a company. While facilitating an excellent customer experience is a goal of any business, one good experience won’t necessarily translate to a loyal customer. Establishing customer loyalty and trust in your brand requires consistent customer correspondence. Your company should strive to deliver consistent […]

Don’t Fall Victim to Cyber Security Threats! How to Make Sure Your Banking Correspondence is Safe and Secure!

Banking Correspondence

If you’re doing any sort of online banking, you need to realize that this is prime territory for cyber attacks. Studies show that banks get hit with about 85 cyberattacks per year — and 33 percent of those attacks are successful. Likewise, banking customers are often getting their information compromised. It’s important that you get a handle […]

Automatic Document Creation Makes Work Easier. Here’s How!

Automatic document creation

Embracing technology is a win-win for both your company and your customers. Things like automatic document creation can help you get more productive, while also improving the way you communicate with your customers. With so many resources available, you’ll want to make this technology a priority moving forward. Read on to find out more about […]

Trends in Customer Communication in 2020

Trends in Communication

The future of customer communication could mean the future of your business. As consumers adopt new technologies, their demands are increasing. If you fail to meet their expectations, they will go to your competitors. The way you communicate your customers has a direct impact on their experience and behavior. If you want to remain competitive, […]

Customer Journey Automation

Customer journey automation

I recently wrote about Customer Experience Automation (CXA), and how Ecrion defines the term. One of the primary points in that post was that Ecrion specifically focuses on automating the Customer Experience—whenever possible. Automation is, in fact, the key to how we differentiate ourselves from other providers in the vastly crowded and confusing world of customer […]