From a business perspective, an end-to-end Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution allows you to create, generate and deliver all sorts of personalized transactional documents, millions of copies per day, in dozens of different formats, via all possible electronic or traditional mediums, through the use of a single platform.

Don't look at the glass as half full, find out why "less is more" when implementing a CCM.

1. Less time and money, more efficiency

Improve your outbound communications workflow while saving time and reducing costs.

Reducing production times and cost, avoiding errors, minimizing compliance issues, streamlining the process, and optimizing the customer communications workflow are just a few of the benefits of implementing a CCM. Joining all of the aspects involved in the design, production and delivery of professional documents into one single, easy to use platform lets you worry less about the technical aspects involved in the process, and focus more on delivering a great customer experience.

2. Less blend correspondence, more interactive communications

Create one intelligent document that engages your audience via an omni-channel experience.

A complete CCM solution, not only solves the technical aspects related to document production and management, but also makes it possible for each customer to get the right information, tailored to his/her preferences, at the right time!

Creating highly customizable, interactive, smart documents that incorporate and centralize information retrieved from several sources, into one intelligent document, based on each customer`s specific needs is an integral part of today`s customer experience.

Programmed to offer a different individual experience to each receiver, these living documents allow customers tochoose the information they want to see, the way they want to see it, in real time, across different devices and communication channels. Just imagine a smart document that has the functions of a web page. One attractive sheet in which you can incorporate, or link to, all sorts of text/audio/video content that the customers get to “play” with the way they want!

3. Less effort, more satisfaction

Consolidate your brand identity.

The customer service and communication experience often make the difference when choosing, or being happy with a service or company. Today`s customer expectations are higher than ever, but still the majority of users are not satisfied with the way they are addressed.

According to the 2015 “Customer Experience Index” by Forrester Research, Inc., three-quarters of the companies surveyed want to improve their customer experience in 2015.

Ensuring a consistent corporate image by engaging your customers on all communication levels will not only help you succeed in offering customer communication excellence with less effort, but also receive insightful analysis based on your data and your customers` interaction with it.

The goal of Customer Communications Management is to optimize the way organizations communicate with their customers.

According to Forrester Research, these communications fall into three categories: structured documents, interactive documents, and on-demand documents. Utilizing these communications you already deliver will help your organization to reduce time and save money (Less), and provide better customer service (More).