Ringing in the New Year with Ecrion

With a New Year approaching, you see a lot on the do's and don'ts of business goal-setting. Mostly you’re told to define objectives as clearly as possible, then make a decision. But should you also exclude hope from your planning? Hope for a better year?

These are four very concrete, manageable objectives for improving customer communications in 2017. We think you can, and should, hope for a better year. Here’s why:

1.       More customer data from more informative touchpoints

En masse documents have been a staple of customer communication for years. Each is considered a “touchpoint” that could make or break the relationship. Things like mobile interaction and digital documents give assurance of a sound, successful correspondence. The digital experience actually allows you to collect information from customers in real time, as they click through a document. You can collect usage data based on how they respond to certain graphical or textual data.

2.       Omni-channel communications: evolve with customer needs & expectations

Mobile communications are undoubtedly more regular these days. Snappy and cheap – but personal – a greater number of customers will want to interact by this and similar mediums. Still, when considering different media, it’s important not to favor one for its convenience or mass appeal. Really, it’s about keeping an array of channels at your disposal and finding what the customer wants.

3.       Streamlined processes, teamwork

Cross-departmental collaboration can be more efficient than individual multitasking. In 2017, you should look to implement systems that facilitate internal processes dedicated to out-bound communication. Divide those processes into different specialized environments that cater to high and low-level users. Solid internal communications translate to strong outbound messaging, and CCM systems make this happen.

4.       Customer engagement & retention

Companies around you are only getting more customer-centric. They are keeping their customers and gaining the attention of yours. Your ability to keep customers lies in your ability to stick to these resolutions. Meeting the goals requires you to make customer-centricity your mantra. It all begins with a customer-oriented point of view, and hopefully ends in improved revenue.

So, for you, a “better year” in 2017 is not just something to hope for. It can be achieved – even if 2016 happened to be great for you.