I recently spoke with a prospective customer during a pilot demonstration, and they were kind enough to bring up a few highlights from their experience. 

written by Errett Thomas, Global Director of Sales

1.  Time was of the essence, and it was treated accordingly.

They were met with the challenge of completing specific tests as quickly as possible, with limited time and expertise. Not only did they lack important resources, but they were also not convinced that we could help them meet their deadline. Somehow, that changed when they discovered how wiling the team was to go the extra mile. With this effort, and some valuable insight, the deadline was met.

                                      In fact…

2.  Production speed was 10 times faster than it had been.

After testing, they were amazed by how much faster they could produce documents. Moreover, they didn’t have to reinvent the wheel to render them in print or digital format. A model of efficiency began to emerge like they had never thought possible.

3.  It was clearly high performance – but at such low cost?

Were they missing something? How could such a high-performance document production solution be so cost effective? The answer is that it’s very deliberate: our customers come first. We simply want them to get the best value possible. Those who find themselves best suited for our solution, are extremely happy.

4.  Future Proof.

They found that with such agile software, limitless functionality can be added over time. While the goal today was to implement better, faster generation of printable documents, knowing the same platform can support any future customer communications and engagement strategies is icing on the cake.


5.  Fantastic advice.

We were able to engage them and reveal the underlying reasons for their document production challenges. Any time, now or in the future, if they can’t answer a question on their own, they know they have not just one account manager, but a whole company to support them.


What better reasons could you have for seeking help with your document production and customer communications problems?

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