Connecting, Inside and Out

If you are concerned with customer engagement, then you should be just as concerned with engaging your employees. There is a great deal of research to show how, no matter the industry, customer satisfaction is deeply connected to greater employee satisfaction, and vice versa. While there are a number of customer engagement solutions out there, they might not address the cornerstone of an engaging customer experience – that is, employees who know the mission, armed with the tools to accomplish it.

Internal Engagement
“Be not simply good; be good for something.” – Hendry David Thoreau

Your team’s understanding of company values begins with a statement. But today, a statement has to be immediately accompanied by action. This runs the entire chain linking customers and employees: customers have greater demands on the speed of your service, so, to deliver, employees need instant access to them and each other. The ideal you strive toward here is internal engagement.

Support and collaboration is best achieved when your team is centered on tools promoting security, oversight, and the integrity of separate work environments. Governing your customer communications is easier with role-based access to projects, as well as a practical user interface that allows managers to observe and control every step of the process from beginning to end.

Roles of other stakeholders are also supported by a clearer user experience. Customer communications have a history of complexities that are becoming more and more unnecessary. One of the most prominent is how customer communication tools have been exclusive to technical members of a team. Now, you can have a non-technical manager, a graphic designer, or a content writer, navigate their portions of the document creation process just as easily as anyone else.

Customer Engagement
“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt

When your team is engaged, your customers are more likely to be also. The tools to enact your mission internally should provide for an ability to transmit the same message to the public. The general direction of business today is to implement a solution that carries the mission successfully from the inside, out.

Once you have the necessary controls to manage customer data and the communications that go with those, you can put them to use by delivering documents that engage and are sure to never falter in accuracy. You deliver the communications that they want, on time.

The standard has become omni-channel communication, the ability to deliver communications by any channel your customers prefer. Communication solutions that integrate with your data systems, again, can help with this, telling you exactly what that may be.

This data integration is on the rise, and one of the things that separates Ecrion from other players in the industry. But in addition to data integration and flexible digital communications, greater interactivity in your documents can help you achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction.  Digital documents can not only look good, but their layout can actually function to better educate customers on their relationship with you, using charts, graphs, and promotions that are all interconnected, integrated with customer data.

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