Big Additions to the EOS Toolbelt 

It’s been an important year of development for Ecrion Omni System (EOS). We have spent the last few months polishing our solutions, enhancing performance and user experience to give you the power to engage your customers.  

Now that we are more than halfway into 2017, let’s have a look at some highlights from our additions. Customer Journey Mapping has been a big step for our Customer Engagement Module. We have also simplified the user interface for manual correspondence generation, as well as sending and tracking SMS communications.

Here is a look at a few of our big additions:

Customer Journey Mapping

One of the most significant updates to our solutions is the latest in the Customer Engagement Management module. Many businesses today assume a reactive philosophy in approaching their customers’ needs. They are learning what customers want, but only after it’s too late. 

Much of the information in most customer data systems has to do with what people have already bought. Someone buys a nice watch, and soon after they are bombarded with advertisements for other watches. It’s clear how this is ineffective.  

Real customer engagement depends on your ability to take a proactive stance. With the Customer Journey Map, you can go from merely tracking purchases, to tracking every customer communication touchpoint in detail. First you set the course based on your most current understanding of the customer, then they respond, and you correct it from there! You can keep the entire history of your communications to inform future customer needs, and act before they explore other options. 

Front Desk Agents

Customer Communications Management (CCM) is largely about making your customer communications processes more efficient, which means providing solutions that give your whole team access to the process.  

Utilizing non-technical team members – content writers, graphic designers, and front desk agents – can be of great benefit to the quality of your communications. While our CCM solution's accessible user interface has already provided for cross-departmental collaboration, streamlining the production and delivery of documents, we have taken a step this year to simplify it even further for front desk agents.  

Correspondence can now be created manually, with greater ease, in real time, which adds a dimension to the positive customer experience you are trying to create. Not only will your customer-facing documents be more engaging and pleasing to customers, but your phone calls and administrative processes as well. We want your customer relationship to grow nearer and dearer at every single touchpoint.  

SMS Messages

This blog has covered a lot about the importance of omni-channel communication, and this year we have put our money where our mouth is by expanding on our delivery channel options with better SMS distribution and tracking. 

EOS offers channel-agnostic templates that adapt to whatever channel you choose for delivery. These can be previewed exactly as they appear on the mobile device, and they can now be more reader-friendly and navigable for your customers.  

You can keep track of engagement, know when messages were opened, and collect further data on your customers from these interactions. Mobile capability is especially effective with the customer journey, because you follow them wherever they go, and speak to them personally.  "


These are only a few of the many updates we have been adding to our Ecrion Omni System (EOS) solutions involving perfect document production and delivery, better customer engagement, and longer-term retention, with communications at the heart.  

Keep watch for updates, and stay tuned for more postings!