Incentives for Customer Trust

In order to keep selling to customers, you need layers of trust established over time. With the right practices, your rapport can improve exponentially. But what about a first encounter, before trust even exists? 

Where trust is not yet present, customers are commonly open to incentives (documents, trinkets, or even financial "giveaways" from your company to the customer). In cases where – heaven forbid – trust is broken, the right incentive may help restore the relationship. 

In any case, your documents play a key role in establishing trust, starting with incentives.  
The very first touchpoint with a customer is an opportunity to show them who you are. Sending appealing letters and pamphlets is part of this, and so are any offerings you deliver alongside. The document content and design puts your company identity at the forefront, then the right offers – BOGO’s, half-offs, and so forth – pique interest to set a flourishing customer relationship in motion.  

Incentives are not compensation for a lack of customer trust to move business processes forward: they are key drivers in the development of customer trust.  

With a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, you can optimally engage customers by presenting your brand in a consistent, uniform way, then going an additional length with generous offerings. 

Credibility with Clear Documents

Documents can now be designed to perfection, to greatly personalize the customer experience: customers ultimately determine their own channel preferences, digital or print. And the information in a digital document is dynamic: how an individual uses it determines what information is most valuable to them. New levels of internal collaboration can be achieved with more secure, user-friendly, role-specific interfaces, and the ability for managers to oversee every step of the document production and delivery process promises a perfect initial touch point with any customer. 

Benefits in Customer Relationship

With optimal logo placement, graphics, and text boxes, you eliminate any reason for the customer to doubt credibility. But you want to gain their trust, and that’s where promotions and incentives come in. Along with all of those other digital variables, your documents can (and should) include advertisements for other products or related services offered by your business, with reasonable incentive to look into them. With flawless communications, your customers will already have some indication that they are in good hands. They will be delighted to go further into business with you, given an offer that suits them. 


The idea here is to establish trust with a good first impression, then to continue building it further down the road. A revenue-driving strategy means setting long-term goals for customers. Even as there are short-term benefits with a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, the true reward is the added customer retention down the line, which only strengthens your first impressions later on.