Sometimes you might fall into a pattern that forgets the real amount of attention required by customer communications. You could forget how dynamic customers are, fail to remember how they prefer different modes of communication; there might be holes in your document-rendering process, the documents being rendered may not be as engaging as you would like. Here we’ve given fancy names to some of the customer communication fallacies that come out of this. 

1. “We’re communicating enough!” 
    Non Satis Communicationis 
It might be easy to grow complacent in customer communications, assuming they are a simple overhead cost and that customers might hardly pay attention to the documents they receive anyway. This represents a huge missed opportunity. Every document, just like the point of sale, is a touchpoint. The more you interact with a customer, the more you learn about them, the better equipped you are to satisfy their needs. 

2. “Aren’t all customers the same?” 
     Omnibus Idem 

Increasing your touchpoints will reveal that each customer is incredibly unique. To master the growing intimacy between businesses and their customers in the digital world, it’s important to distinguish them as individuals. Some prefer digital documents, while some exclusively want hard copies. Some want text messages, others want emails. You can achieve this with omni-channel communications on a Customer Communications Management (CCM) platform. 

3. “Bob will always prefer digital communications.”  
     Non Mutare  

Adapting to individual customer needs doesn’t stop there. Customer preferences also change with time. Someone who prefers print documents one month might favor email the next. You never know how a customer feels on any given day – that is, unless you have a solution that can track their preferences, with the agility to manage the changes as they come (something you will find with a CCM solution). 

4. “We print documents fast enough.” 
     Scribere Satis 

Printing documents at a high speed without any backup is a surprisingly widespread issue for companies, big and small. An integrated Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution like Ecrion Omni System (EOS) not only delivers correspondence according to customer preferences, it also produces documents at record speed, and it’s constantly being improved to save your staff the pressures of backlogs and other logistical concerns. How fast is fast enough? There is no such thing.  

5. "The pictures don't matter – just throw something in there." 
     Verba Sufficiat  

It’s not just “arts and crafts”. The visual content of your documents – logos, charts, graphs, lists – are more than integral to your customer communications. For one thing, you can often say as much with a single graphic as you can with several pages of text, which saves paper and data, considering some documents are delivered to hundreds or thousands of customers at a time. Delivering polished, consistent, visually engaging documents to customers is also more likely to make them stay. Customer engagement data is prompting businesses to emphasize visual content more and more. 

With a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, you don’t lose sight of the important things. It manages them for you: CCM stores customer data and templates over time to optimize their documents for the best potential engagement. It leverages the skills of your technical and nontechnical staff alike by allowing them to work in exclusive environments designing templates, creating visuals, making changes to customer information, and more.