Competing for Customer Attention

In the past, customers might not have needed to engage with companies as intimately as they do now. But those were simpler times.

Today there is simply more to see, and less time to see it. Attention spans run shorter, so the battle for the eyes and ears – and hearts – of customers looks tougher and faster, almost like businesses ought to be competing on reality TV.

What are the tools of survival, when you can get booted off the island with the push of a button? What can best mitigate your email unsubscribe numbers, when you can be sent home by the split-second “yes” or “no” of a single judge? Where can you buy more time and attention for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities?

The efforts behind Ecrion Omni System, ranging from document production to an all-in-one Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution, have been centered on giving businesses the power to maintain a healthy long-run Customer Life Cycle, effectively promoting business survival with engaging communications to generate more sales and build partnerships with individual customers.

We want our customers to be kings & queens of the hill, and this is only accomplished with the best, most current customer engagement methods.     

The Digital Experience: New Interactive Heights

Big-picture customer engagement seems tricky these days, with some apparent contradictions at the surface: people want to be engaged, but they want it to happen faster; they want a personal connection, but they want access to it all the time, and they want to be able to reach you from anywhere.

It can be hard to determine the most effective means of outreach if we’re confused about whether automation or direct, intentional messaging is more effective. But part of the digital experience is making your automation come across intentional. This is accomplished with interactive documents.

Interactive Forms, Ad-hoc Edits

The more customers you have, the harder it is to keep up with small changes to their profiles. With EOS, call centers can make ad-hoc edits to customer preferences in real time, ensuring that information about delivery channel, address, or evens something like how clients view their asset classes, gets updated as quickly as possible.

Your ability to please clients with immediacy benefits both parties, as the client and the firm can begin to learn more about each other without delay.

The Documents

Digital Experience Documents provide an interactive experience for both the end-reader and the distributor of the document. As customers explore different graphical representations of their own accounts – colorful, clickable charts and graphs that neatly organize the data with drill-down and slice-and-dice functions, your company can gather its own insights, with similar functionality, on how they consume the data. Discover which displays were the most practical on an individual basis, and apply the usage data to the placement of trans-promotional ads (and other graphics) in the future.

Data Insights

There’s a wealth of both structured and unstructured data to collect on your end. Client document usage data, rendered in colorful digital displays, can be tracked to inform future communications. With a good CCM platform you can even package Big Data visualizations that would appeal to both your colleagues and customers. The data can be leveraged for future discussions with clients about the state of their accounts. Visually appealing documents also create more meaningful customer connections than plain text, promising longevity in customer relationships.

What’s left is to keep customers interested in what you’re sending them.

Correspondence That Keeps On Giving

The longer you are able to keep a correspondence relationship with your customers alive, the more opportunity you have to make them stay and turn them into advocates. Digital Experience Documents are the ideal solution for both drawing attention and endearing customers.

Deliver a seamless, engaging customer correspondence experience with EOS!