Pillars of Customer Attention

Customers today are effectively looking for the same things they’ve always been looking for, just at a much greater capacity. They want to be informed at higher speeds, with more regularity, and they want their identities to be acknowledged with greater precision.

This is why customer communications are so vital to business development, and why Customer Communications Management has been emerging to the forefront of minds in every industry for a few years now. Technology today allows us to meet these needs virtually one-for-one.

More Personalized

Giving customers direct, targeted messages, how and when they prefer, is easier now than ever, with document design tools like Ecrion Design Studio (EDS) providing fully custom designs that are responsive on different devices. Omni-channel communication is the first step to meeting them where they live.

Next is the content itself. Platforms like Ecrion Omni-System (EOS) connect customer data with document templates, delivering an all-in-one alternative to legacy document management systems. Connecting documents to a CRM benefits productivity internally, as the work load is more sensibly distributed, and production and distribution take less time. But ultimately, it gives customers more engaged messaging, since businesses are able to keep close track of changes to information and preferences from a single place.

More Informative

Another goal of Customer Communications Management is to provide customers with the information that is most pertinent to them and their needs.

Ecrion Omni-System (EOS) provides interactive documents for when customers want to receive their communications digitally. These can contain a range of charts and graphs – pie charts, bar charts, scatter plots – even world maps, all animated and interacting with each other to highlight key information about a customer’s portfolio, insurance policy, or bank account activity.

More Regular

Did you know that customers actually want to hear more from their banks, insurers, and financial advisors? Really, for any field that delivers official customer-facing documents, studies reveal that customers actually appreciate being informed more frequently than not (so long as the content is in fact meaningful, personal, and informative).

With a CCM solution like EOS, you can set batches to automate to different segments of your customer base, and these projects can be made fully secure on a machine with high availability features. 67% of insurance customers want to hear from their provider more often than just at renewal. So give them the conversation they are looking for!

Attention as Profit

A 5% increase in customer retention can drive up to a 95% increase in profit. So, even when your eyes are not on the scoreboard, the endgame is still in effect. CCM technology allows you to be everything to every one of thousands of customers. It’s helping businesses everywhere deliver messaging more reflective of their mission statements, so that customers can know they are sincere. Providing customers with this sort of attention increases retention, and delivers in substantial long-term revenue.