Are your customer communications solutions complete? Maybe there’s a bigger picture.

Even if you are not familiar with the parable of the Blind Men and an Elephant, the title might give it away. It is a story about a few blind men touching different parts of a large elephant, having wildly different experiences of what an elephant is.

Sadly, this is what customer engagement can be like, when your team is kept from collaborating properly on customer communication projects. 

Inside the Customer Communication Strategy

Customer engagement involves many moving parts internally, often working independently to deliver a uniform image. As we have discussed previously on the blog, Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are, in large part, for eliminating any hassle or chance obstacle that gets in the way of producing engaging customer communications.

From document production and delivery, to the very moment a customer reads through your texts and emails, you have different parts of your team responsible for different areas. In a traditional arrangement, different departments would use different solutions (some from different vendors, and some developed in-house), carrying out their responsibilities independently before combining their work with that of the other branches.

With all of your customer communications solutions siloed off –- some managing data, others designing documents, and more -– a lack of synchronicity could result in lag, and possibly a disjointed end-product.

Of course, there can be a positive spin on this tale.

Creating a Different (but Uniform) Customer Experience

Pretend, for a moment, the people touching the elephant have regained their sight –- or maybe they have developed the patience to understand that their view of things is not the only one.

This is a Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution. It puts all of your solutions in one box, allowing for an appropriate amount of independence to separate departments where it is needed, also for the oversight to ensure a project is together and fully representative of the brand. You get a streamlined customer communication process, as well as more personalized customer communications.

What's in the trunk?

Ecrion’s particular set of solutions, Ecrion Omni System (EOS) is split into four practical modules, graduating from straightforward, efficient document production to a full-on customer engagement plan.

Document Production (EOS-P)

Produce and deliver more perfect, uniform documents faster, under a more practical template management system. You can scale your document production to whatever size is needed, producing hundreds to thousands of documents from a more manageable number of templates.
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Document Automation (EOS-DA)

Trigger document batches or ad-hoc communications for an automated, error-free correspondence. You can set these triggers from your computer or on the go with a mobile device, then watch the timely, engaging customer correspondence unfold.
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Customer Communications Management (EOS-CCM)

CCM is where the magic starts to happen. Deliver to multiple channels, automatic batches or one-offs, with the same sensible template management system. Additionally, the solution combines with your CRM data to produce documents more relevant to your segments.
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Customer Engagement Management (EOS-CEM)

The new frontier in customer engagement is meeting the needs of different customer segments in a proactive way (as opposed to being reactive). Predict the best path for your customers to take in their engagement with you, and correct the course as you go, all with customer journey mapping.
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With document production and automation, you get more documents, faster, with fewer errors. With communication management and engagement management you get the same, plus added engagement features that are necessary for the survival of a business in the digital world. Ecrion Omni System (EOS) delivers the whole elephant. Can you see it?