In the age of the consumer, it's more important than ever to effectively engage with your customers — how, when, and where they prefer.

Customer Communications Management (CCM) as a strategic focus is an investment in customer retention, and has demonstrated success within many diverse industries, including banking, finance, insurance, government, manufacturing, telecom, utilities, and transportation.

  • Finance and Banking - Produce high-volume, complex communications such as statements, invoices, letters, contracts, prospectuses, and loan applications that foster brand advocacy and offer cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Healthcare and Insurance - Automate batch, ad-hoc and on-demand production of professional, personalized and regulatory compliant documents such as invoices, claims, contracts, and statement of benefits.
  • Utilities and Telecom - Synchronize the production of millions of customer documents into organized, automated workflows, managing and optimizing the production process from data incorporation to the many outputs and delivery channels customers prefer.
  • Government and Education - Simplify the production of critical documents by removing manual steps and allowing users to create communications in multiple formats at the same time.
  • Manufacturing - Create and produce complex documents such as proposals, bids, detailed invoices, packing slips and product catalogs and deliver them via multi-channel devices.
  • Logistics and Transportation - Automate and produce complex and varying shipping, billing, and informative communications efficiently and cost-effectively.

5 Applications that focus on achieving the customer retention goal include:

  1. Document Composition - merge static and dynamic components to automate the generation of highly personalized communications and produce conditional documents.
  2. Correspondence Management - create customized documents on-the-fly, rather than having to reproduce an entire document run.
  3. Document Automation and Assembly - generate and distribute customer communications in a completely hands-free and automated manner.
  4. High-Volume Document Production - produce both traditional and electronic statements, invoices, and other communications on a large scale with speed and ease.
  5. Interactive Documents - incorporate intelligence directly into customer documents, providing an adaptable and interactive user experience.

Invest in your customers and they'll be loyal to you.

Striving to create a one-to-one relationship with your customers, integrated across all of their favorite channels—mail, email, social media, phone, in store and on desktops, mobiles and tablets—is essential in this "always on" world. Companies that recognize a better customer experience improves customer satisfaction, increases loyalty and has a huge impact on retention, will reap the financial rewards.

Don't be left behind.

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