Knowing Customer Satisfaction

Better customer communications solve a number of issues. One of them is surprisingly simple: many businesses are not even aware of how their customers feel about them, and they miss out on revenue because of it. A great deal of growth can be achieved, and even more in the long term, when a company can see how it is perceived in the market.  

High availability features in Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions are what will keep customer relationships alive in the coming years. Companies and customers will mutually benefit from a steady stream of information that circulates between them, different from the intermittent update that customer communications used to be.  

Gauging customer satisfaction levels once a month is no longer enough. With EOS, Ecrion's CCM solution, you can fill the space between those gaps, and you are ready for your customers around the clock whenever they need you.  

Here are some of the features in EOS that support this: 

  • Dashboards

Analytics can give you a comprehensive or a segmented view of your customer relationships. You get the whole picture on who is receiving your documents, and how they are reacting to them. There’s an overall view of successful/unsuccessful customer document efforts. 

  • Customer Profiles

View them in a list with only the vital information, or click and see the entirety of an individual customer’s activity. A customer’s profile will contain everything you need to know about their location, important dates, and preferences. It even tells you whether they are still subscribed to your messages. Any information can be adjusted in real time, if needed. 

  • Multi-channel Queues

You have a convenient list showing the progress of documents as they are delivered, either by email, SMS, or print. You can observe the queue, even run batches of documents, from a mobile device. Mobile and digital are what truly set up the constantly engaged and “alive” correspondence that business leaders are looking for today. 

  • Dynamic ads  

The more customers interact with your communications, the more information you will have to inform dynamic advertisements, to place inside various outbound communications. These can be added to one or all of your communications (or to a group of interactive documents), and they are responsive to customer interaction – each ad goes only to the customers that would find them the most relevant.