Spending time where it's most important – with the kids.

DataWerks, a Columbus, Ohio-based data management company was built with the goal of helping K-12 school administrations and individual teachers spend less time managing data “and more time using the data for instructional decision making and organizational improvements.” DataWerks’ applications help keep children on the path to academic success by giving educators the tools to track, analyze, communicate and report overall student performance.

In the process of developing its most promising application yet (assist360), DataWerks realized it needed to incorporate outside technology. It needed an all-encompassing way to create, generate, distribute, and manage electronic and written communications among teachers, school administrators, and parents.

Before assist360 could be released to educators and administrators nationwide, DataWerks needed to find the right back-end customer communications management (CCM) system to power this critical component.

Learn how assist360 is "wowing" teachers, school administrators, parents, and students.