Our Solutions, from the Ground Up

Ecrion Omni System (or EOS) has the Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions for everyone in your organization, from Front Desk Agents, to Operations Managers, to Developers.  

For the organization to function as a unit, the parts need to work effectively on their own. Each role needs easy, uninterrupted access to an isolated software environment to streamline both the undertaking and oversight of their individual tasks.  

Here are some of the features exclusive to each environment that help them get the job done.   

Front Desk Agent

Front Desk Agents are given the most direct customer-centric access, able to view customers, communications, and a list of recent documents from their home screen.  

Customers can be viewed from different vantage points, whether it be their account as a whole or contact details. Clicking on a customer name or account number takes the agent to the customer profile, where they can view customer contact details and other account information.  

Customer Portal Credentials can also be managed from the main screen. Front Desk Agents are given fast and easy access to both customers and outgoing documents, in order to facilitate easy and smooth interaction with customers. 

Operations Manager

Managers need to see a fuller picture of the operation, so in addition to customers and communications, they also have access to Omni-channel delivery queues and marketing campaigns.  

The delivery queues and campaigns have unique menus which appear on the main screen of the Operation Manager environment. Managers are also shown Document Production analytics from the outset, for projects that succeeded, were aborted, or failed.  

Additionally, Managers are also given a general overview of document production jobs over time, and the speed of each, then execution details to specify what formats and communication types were created.  


Developers have a unique experience with EOS, given the ability to start new projects and access to a repository of project ideas and recent files. They are presented with an overview of the different Ecrion tools at their disposal: Ecrion Design Studio, different EOS APIs, documentation for Ecrion’s REST API, and Ecrion Account Sign-In, where licenses can be managed.  

This all builds a stable foundation for developing templates – the user can either upload a Word document with their own custom design or choose from pre-made templates in EOS. In this environment, developers have the world at their fingertips.  

Divide and Conquer

EOS allows for the uniqueness of each organizational role dedicated to Customer Communications Management (CCM). Front Desk Agents, Operations Managers, and Developers all need to have their own exclusive spaces to work, and they all need to be given appropriate levels of oversight.  

With EOS, we think we’ve found the optimal levels of “divide-and-conquer”, given these isolated environments; they are separate, but focused, which contributes to an organization-wide effort to deliver a consistent, uniform brand.