Technology will surprise you, in good ways and bad. Sometimes you’ll have no idea why one thing works and another doesn’t. Other times, the wildly inexplicable occurs.

written by Errett Thomas, Global Director of Sales

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A few years ago a financial services customer purchased one of our document production solutions. Before, his document production process took a whole 3 days to complete…and he wanted it down to 1.

I gave him a call shortly after the purchase. He said it was faster than anything he had used before. In fact, the process would complete in as little as 6 hours.

He then told me that he couldn’t wait to stop using his laptop for even faster performance. His laptop!

Our system was optimized to run on servers, in which case I would have always expected a vast improvement after switching from a legacy system or some other outdated software – but on a laptop?!

I told him, “I’m glad we were able to meet your needs, but you really should install the software on a server for the best results,” trying to contain how thrilled I was to hear his performance was better than expected.

But I have to tell you: just because you can use your laptop as a server to run a critical business function, doesn’t mean you should.