Communicating Without Fail

There’s always some kind of uproar when systems go down. It can be on a massively wide scale as when Twitter collapsed, or it’s a just a tinge of disappointment in the minds of a special few.

Regardless of a company’s size or reach, failed systems always disappoint someone. And that’s not just an isolated problem that disappears next week. Even the most minimal negative impact on customer satisfaction may come back to haunt a business.

No doubt you’ve heard the old rule about one unhappy customer telling fifty (or so) others about their experience – well, it’s real. So could there be a more beautifully ironic area for your business to fail than in customer communications?

Importance of Security

These are critical business processes for which a single point of failure could damage customer engagement and bear some literal monetary consequences. You don’t need an anecdote to tell you that a failed communications project, especially one involving highly sensitive documents (financial reports or contracts) would be a nightmare.

So the addition of high availability to a Customer Communications Management platform – while not built-in to most solutions – is a highly recommended add-on. Running On-Demand and Batch production projects should be hassle-free and consistent. Imagine, especially with all of the customer preferences intertwined with large batches of documents, how many customers could potentially adopt a different view of your brand upon not receiving their documents on time, or receiving documents that are incomplete?

Batch Restart

Without High Availability functions, you rely on backing systems to keep track of which documents hve been sent and which haven't. You're more prone to losing track, and in the event of a crisis, may be forced to restart the entire batch. Without High Availability, your document creation and delivery will experience greater lag.

It’s important for production of mission-critical documents to be controlled as much as possible, to seize not only the moment in which you send a document or batch of documents, but a consistent and reliable future with your customers.

Ensuring Future Success

Customer communications are core to business image-building and customer relationships, which translate into revenue gains and brand loyalty. All of this begins simply with employing a solution that works well for you and your staff, one that you can rely on to last the years and help you build your success.