Why product/service, brand presence, and customer relationship deserve the same level of attention

A company is nothing without its customers, and so a company’s thriving depends on delivering more of whatever attracted the customer in the first place. In the past, a quality product or service might have functioned as the sole gateway to a long, healthy customer relationship. Today, successful engagement requires a company to run on all cylinders with stellar service, an engaging brand, and a personal touch. 

Delivering Quality

This has always been the no-brainer. Take away the power of the internet, along with all the people, and you are left with your product or service, whatever it may be. Your customers have always come to you for that.

In the far distant past, before internet marketing, before billboards and tradeshows, businesses would have depended almost solely on the efficacy of their products to generate word-of-mouth. Everything you did would have depended on quality.

Of course, this still stands. Quality is everything – the only difference is how technology has made it easier for you get your quality noticed. The downside is that it does the same for your competitors. With all the quality out there, what can differentiate you?

Brand Presence

We have been entering a phase in commerce where, in the conversation of what brings customers to you, brand presence is virtually neck and neck with a quality product. Experience is a large part of what makes customers flock to one place over another, so your competition is always scrambling for the next solution to improving how customers experience their brands.

Companies have tried social media, email campaigns, SMS messaging, new logos, and more, all of which have demonstrated effective at delighting target audiences, making them susceptible to further purchases down the road.

Still, there are pains to this, as many companies have been trying to manage every avenue of customer communication from social, emails, and document production, separately. They have been housing legacy systems with these separate solutions for years, which has resulted in the customer communication roles of different departments becoming isolated, miscommunicating with each other, slowing down processes and diminishing the quality of the customer experience.

Thankfully, there is an emerging solution to these issues: doesn’t it only make sense, if we want to have a unified, comprehensible brand image, to have all the processes and tools managed under one umbrella? This is what CCM brings to the table, combining data management with document production and delivery. It acts as the central hub for all of your communications, with your team working around it and build a unified brand.

Personal Relationships

There is more to branding than just broadcasting. Today’s companies are beset with a need to reach individuals as well as much larger audiences. Mobile technology demands that their customer communications follow them around in their pockets, and also that their timing and format cater to a customer’s specific preferences.  


Customer Communications Management (CCM) offers omni-channel communication capability to meet the channel preference, first and foremost. But Ecrion Omni System (EOS) takes it a step further by helping you really uncover the details of personal profiles with customizable segmentation, dashboard analytics and engagement data. You can observe activity within your segments, discovering what works, and where, over time.


An even further step is Ecrion’s unique Customer Engagement Management (CEM) module, featuring everything to do with CCM, but with the additional benefits of the customer journey map and interactive documents. You can start by mapping out the ideal customer journey, then observe their behavior as they move along the funnel, and after that adapt the map to match that behavior. Interactive documents play a role here, allowing you to see how customers interacted with your communications and promotional content, telling you what was clicked and what was not.



So building advocates is more than a matter of getting people to stand by your product. Customer Communications Management (CCM) meets the need for your business to also connect to crowds and individual audiences. All of these are of utmost importance to customer advocacy and revenue growth, a powerful triad for business success. Customer Communications Management (CCM) ensures that your business covers each of these friends, leading to maximum customer engagement.