The Search

“We have to get her!” Ecrion shouted, pacing the floor in Master Lee’s private quarters.

Master Lee, a rather sound sleeper, fell out of bed and rubbed his eyes.

“Who?” he asked.

“Techie Lou! The dragon took her!”

“Easy, my son,” said the Master, “Did you eat a bad fig? No such thing as dragons in these parts.”

The sound of the dragon, roaring somewhere in the distance, shook the room.

“Nevermind,” said Master Lee, “Let’s get our Techie.”

Ecrion followed Master Lee to their basement armory. Rows of combat armor and miscellaneous gadgets covered the wall end-to-end. A large monitor with a pulsing GPS map commanded the room.

 “Hope we never have to use any of this stuff," said Master Lee, "but just in case…”

He handed Ecrion a simple walkie-talkie in sacramental fashion.

Communication is all we need to overcome,” said Master Lee, clicking the button on his own walkie-talkie, “Roger, roger…” he chuckled.

“We’re going together…right?” Ecrion exclaimed, “AND YOU’RE GIVING ME MORE THAN A WALKIE-TALKIE, RIGHT?!”

Master Lee nodded peacefully. "The war is already won."

Ecrion scratched his head.

There he left, walkie-talkie in hand. Higher than the tops of the trees along the compound, until he saw nothing but clouds. He followed the sound of the dragon's roar.

The further he flew, the nearer he was to the city.

“Master Lee, do you copy?” he spoke into the walkie-talkie.


"I Think the Dragon's scaring people in Rokki Valley."

"Well, you'll have to get it to simmer down...if Techie Lou hasn't already," Master Lee said before adding, "Remember to bring home orange juice,” 

People were screaming and scampering about, terrified, dressed as terrifying Halloween Personalities. Up there, sitting atop the magnificent Miracle Tower spire, was the dragon blowing fire and smoke in all directions. With nothing but a walkie-talkie, what was Ecrion to do?

There was Techie Lou putting up a fight, buzzing around the dragon's face in a jet pack, striking him with a laser sword, to no avail. The dragon was countering too fast, putting her on the defensive, even landing some blows that sent her veering back. 

Ecrion charged their way. He didn't care that he had only a walkie-talkie in hand - he needed to save his sister. But when he got close, the words of Master Lee echoed in his mind. 

Communication is all we need to overcome.

So he stopped. He shouted into the walkie-talkie, “Techie Lou! Shift left!”

It was connected to her headset. "Copy that," she said, dodging the dragon's claws by a hair. 

"Up!" yelled Ecrion.
"Copy!" shouted Techie Lou, moving accordingly, and the paws missed her again. 

They communicated like this until the dragon was tired of swinging. It was breathing heavy, and starting to lean from the tower. Soon, with a final, ineffective swipe, it slipped from the spire and landed with a thud on the street below. 

Ecrion and Techie Lou rushed up to its body. A crowd of Halloween-dressed citizens surrounded them. Standing closer to the dragon, they noticed something…wires were sticking out from its scales, pulsing with an electric light.

This was a mechanical dragon, something someone built...

Was their job finished?