Marketing to the Individual Customer: Communication Solutions

A few weeks ago we introduced the idea of marketing to the individual customer, explaining why it is important for your company to focus on more personal communications. Our points were essentially that your customers want it, your competitors are doing it, and it’s perfectly within your reach. Those are the answers to why. In this post, we want to go deeper into the how.

So we are back to talk Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions. These are today’s most cutting-edge, cost-effective means of communicating clearly and personally with customers all over the world. Are you taking advantage of them?

Omni-channel communications

Your customers look to you for a daily presence at home and on-the-go. This doesn’t mean they necessarily have to be aware of you all the time, but they would like to know they can call you the moment a need arises. Many businesses today offer different options for their customers to reach them – SMS, email, social media, and more. With CCM these separate media can all be managed under one solution.

Of course, it’s also about delivering to the right medium. The ideal CCM solution will allow you to know by what channels the customer prefers to receive their regular documents – bills, statements, promotions, etc. Channel preferences might vary customer to customer, and depending on what specific document you are looking to deliver, but that can all be identified and managed in one location with the right solution.

Interactive documents

Reaching comes first, so a CCM solution with channel flexibility needs to be a given. But there is little value to reach without engagement afterwards. For your customers to really receive the message, it must target them in an appealing and practical way.

The solution for this is to provide a mode of communication that is on the same technological plane as omni-channel communication, adding to the same speed and fluidity that makes it convenient. Interactive documents give customers what they want quickly, in a package that suits them. They can click through images, ads, graphs, and other data that will better update them on their account with you than a plain print document. These documents can be further personalized as customers click through them, sending you data on what elements of the communication was most engaging.

Digital forms

As an added layer of speedy and engaging customer communications, your front desk agents need to be able to fulfill customer requests with greater ease. A good CCM solution like Ecrion’s will simplify the process of filling out customer information, with fields that translate directly to the customer-facing document in real-time. The look of the document is previewed instantaneously.

This can make a big difference in your customer correspondence over time, moving the business process along with a more accurate, easy exchange of information. It adds an important dimension to the personalization of communication, making customers feel like you are tending to their needs in an efficient manner.

All-in-one solution

A single solution providing all the benefits of a sound customer communication strategy is what every business needs to hone in on individual engagement. A truly personalized approach calls for diversity in communication channels, personalization of content, interactivity, a user-friendly interface, and swift service around the clock.

These tools can help you make every customer feel like the only one, and continue to learn more about them as time goes on. Stay tuned as we dig deeper into how CCM can help you market to the individual customer!